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New connection - line testing query.

Hi All,


Just a quick one..


We're currently in our line testing period (first 10 days) of our new broadband and we've had to turn our hub off several times to move things around.

I've noticed that in the backend, the speed has dropped from around 20.96 to 20.04 - is there any chance this would creep back up to the previous by the end of the line tests?


I noticed that it seems to drop by 10 - 14 or so every time the hub is disconnected / moved.


Thanks in advance!

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: New connection - line testing query.

welcome to the forum


you need to try and leave your router connected 24/7 while in training.  however with your connection at 20mb the small changes are nothing to be concerned about and could recover during training

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