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New contract.

Hi all,


first post, and sorry in advance, sounds like a whinge. However, just putting it out there as I feel aggrieved but can see the point of view from BT's side of it as well. Any advice will be gratefully received.


I cancelled BT services in 2015 sometime and moved to Virgin.  In December 2015 I spotted a BT email bill (as I believed I was no longer a customer I had been deleting all BT emails or just skipping over them). This bill was from BT and when I called it was explained that I had BT Sport and this is different to the other services of BT and comes under a different contract. It was in the contract. Ok, hands up time, I hadn't read that bit. So I took that on the chin and accepted the bill from initial cancellation up to that date and including cancellation fees. 


12 months forward and I noticed last week another BT bill. I called them up and spoke to a Customer Care Advisor. He looked at my account and confirmed I called on the 20/01/16 and cancelled my BT Sport Account.


He then put me through to BT Sport Advisor to clear this up. The BT Sport Advisor told me I did not cancel, but renewed my contract for 12 months. I said I did not have a recollection of renewing the contract, but was sure I had called to cancel as confirmed by the first chap I spoke to. He said his records showed that I had renewed. He stated the renewal would be verbal by me during the telephone call on 20/01/16. If I wanted this investigated, ie someone check the recording, he would put me through to Customer Care.


I spoke to lady who said there was a note stating I had renewed and an email of the contract had been sent to me. I asked for the recording to be checked to see if I had renewed. She said as it is over 12 months old, it has been deleted.


This is where I am a bit miffed. I have no recollection of renewing a contract but can recall contacting BT to cancel my BT Sport service on 20/01/16. They cannot show me where I agreed to this contract, bearing in mind one advisor told me I had cancelled and another said I had renewed within the space of 20 minutes. 


If someone had been able to listen to the recording and confirm either way I would be happy. If I owe money, then I am **bleep** sure I will pay it. To be told there is now no recording of whether I agreed a contract but they have an input on screen saying I did (see above for other advisor who said I had cancelled) and this is what they believe is true.


Any advice fellow customers on where to go from here, or is it a case of "suck it up buttercup" 😂


PS Definition of miffed. A state of anger between being bumped into by a dear old lady and stubbing your toe just a little bit. It is at the lower end of the scale of everything, and did not really justify such a long first post. Sorry folks 



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Re: New contract.

The next step is to ring them up and tell them you wish to make a complaint.  Otherwise, you may just get the run-around from the call centre.  Once you've kicked that process off, BT have 8 weeks to investigate.  They should have recorded all calls that involve agreeing to a contract.


If they tell you they cannot solve your problem (a "deadlock letter"), or if 8 weeks have passed without a solution, you can go to the communications ombudsman

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Re: New contract.

Thanks for the reply. I had to go down that route a few years back and then someone did check the recording. In that instance I was right and they dealt with it but it went on for months.


I was hoping there was a way to get them to check the recording without the months on end of a complaint. If that's the only way, looks like I will have to go down that route. 


Thanks again

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