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New customer: confused by website

Hi there,


I've been looking at the BT website about taking BT TV, but I am a little confused about a few things.


1: I cannot have multiroom AND Sky Sports/Movies.

This I understand. It is not possible to select both on the website.


Is it possible however to have Sky Sports/Movies on the main box only and a second box with no Sky Sports/Movies, but still the Extra TV channels?


2: An engineer has to come if I select multiroom. 

What do they typically do? My 2nd box would be in my bedroom and I'm nervous as to the thought of an ethernet cable running through the hallway/up the stairs. I could buy a pair of homeplugs, but reading the forum it doesn't look like BT support these officially. 


3: What channels are on TV Anywhere?


4: Is it possible to have a third BT Youview subscription?  I'm thinking of perhaps a box in the kitchen. I know I could buy a Youview box from a shop myself, but I assume that wouldn't get me any of the pay channels.



Thanks for your help! 

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Re: New customer: confused by website

I believe if you have multi room you cannot have Sky Movies or Sport on any of the boxes.


They install both boxes and make sure you connection is all ok for both boxes as they need to be hard wired to the router.


Are you refering to what channels you will receive on a mobile phone?


BT only supports 2 boxes max due to the connection speed required for the service.

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Re: New customer: confused by website

That's a shame. I'd be able to get 77-80mps connection speed where I live, I'd have figured thethat would be more than ample bandwidth to support three boxes.


I'd love to leave Sky for BT, but it looks like for now I'll have to stay put. Shame.

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