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Re: New customer experiencing major problems with Internet and Phone!?!

will do ray. unfortunately, i'm at work at the moment so i can't post them right now. i do have some additional information though. i had a look outside my house and the BT entry point appears to come in through my dining room (although the sockets aren't on the same wall as the entry point, they're at the opposite side of the room). i identified the BT master socket and plugged a phone in - no dial tone. i removed the face plate and plugged the phone in to the test socket inside - no dial tone! however, right at the side of the master socket is another dual socket and both of these worked fine. i don't know much about phone lines, but it seems that my master socket is no longer 'live' and the dual socket at the side is now the master? i've tried to show this below...




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Re: New customer experiencing major problems with Internet and Phone!?!

here are the line stats......


1. Product name:BT Home Hub
2. Serial number:+068543+NQ43729931
3. Firmware version:Software version (Type A) Last updated 21/01/15
4. Board version:BT Hub 5A
5. DSL uptime:0 days, 00:46:37
6. Data rate:9999 / 24974
7. Maximum data rate:11444 / 28313
8. Noise margin:6.3 / 5.9
9. Line attenuation:27.1 / 22.3
10. Signal attenuation:26.9 / 19.7
11. Data sent/received:191.0 MB / 2.2 GB
12. Broadband
13. BT Wi-fi:No


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Re: New customer experiencing major problems with Internet and Phone!?!

any update or suggestions on this? do the new line stats tell us anything?? also, ever since infinity 1 was installed, i've been doing random speed checks using the ookla speedtest app on my phone. i know this isn't the official BT one and i know it's running over wifi and isn't directly cabled to the hub, but the results are generally similar to the ones i receive from the official BT speed test page (it's obviously just more convenient to run it on my mobile every now and then). here are the results. you can clearly see the fluctuation....


23/01/2015 07:1621.149.2941
23/01/2015 01:1821.558.8737
23/01/2015 00:0420.368.837
22/01/2015 23:4020.438.7335
22/01/2015 21:4619.150.1734
22/01/2015 07:0723.189.843
22/01/2015 00:008.589.6535
21/01/2015 22:5512.028.4345
21/01/2015 21:3321.59.3456
21/01/2015 20:2422.997.4233
21/01/2015 20:1820.294.7229
21/01/2015 20:1721.38.9831
21/01/2015 20:120.029.5764
21/01/2015 20:0817.886.9138
21/01/2015 20:0718.396.7236
21/01/2015 19:0719.728.8435
21/01/2015 17:5823.057.841
21/01/2015 16:4616.738.6739
20/01/2015 19:0426.389.623
20/01/2015 17:4326.688.9220
20/01/2015 12:2224.219.2429
20/01/2015 01:0519.59.7220
19/01/2015 22:5223.6810.118
19/01/2015 17:1424.626.7624
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Re: New customer experiencing major problems with Internet and Phone!?!

i just thought i'd let people know how i'm getting on with this....


i've now been with BT for a month and i am still suffering from the same problems. at first, i thought this may be related to the wiring in my property, but a BT engineer came out and confirmed everything was ok (he has also disconnected my master socket for some reason, but i'm having so many other problems i don't want to muddy the water by raising this at the moment)...


my internet connection is still pretty much useless. it works fine one minute, then the next minute video streaming starts to slow down and buffer and becomes unwatchable. also, between approx 22:30 and 23:30 my homehub 5 completely reboots which obviously takes the internet completely down for a couple of minutes. this happens every day and i have no idea why! (but by the looks of other articles online i'm certainly not the only one experiencing this issue!)


the support i have received from BT is pretty much useless - swap the filter, move the router away from any lights, perform a reset, etc etc. all the extremely noddy stuff which should have been done within the first few days, not 4 weeks or so down the line. simply put, this is the worst experience i have ever had with an ISP. ironically, a colleague at work (who lives a couple of miles away) also had BT infinity installed on the very same day because we signed up for the same deal after christmas. he is also experiencing similar issues with poor performance and his router rebooting


finally - the online BT fault tracking service is terrible. it allows you to open a ticket which is great, but then you can't add any supplementary information afterwards - you're completely locked! BT don't update the ticket either after numerous telephone conversations with their support teams, so it's very hard to keep a track of your issue (especially when it's been dragging on for weeks as in my case!)

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Re: New customer experiencing major problems with Internet and Phone!?!

"he has also disconnected my master socket for some reason"


Are you sure he was a BT Engineer?

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Re: New customer experiencing major problems with Internet and Phone!?!

yes, he was definitely a BT engineer. i will be taking this up with them afterwards. to be honest, i'm starting to think this is a wind up. first they killed my phone line, then my internet speeds were worse than Sky's regular 8Mb package, then the router started randomly rebooting, then the BT engineer disconnected my master socket. and just for the record, here's an up-to-date screenshot from my fault ticket. not very useful - the last update is that they think my issue will be fixed on 30th jan. it's now 17th feb........



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Re: New customer experiencing major problems with Internet and Phone!?!

quick update:- BT requested that i reset my router at 8pm the other day. before i did this, my router was rebooting at approx 10:30pm to 11:30pm every 24 hours without fail. however, since doing the reset it now seems to reboot at approx 8pm every 24 hours. in other words, it appears that when you press reset, that's the approximate time when your router will reboot. the saga continues...

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