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New customer mobile data

Hi, I had my number ported over from Vodafone on the 29th of may and having problems with data. Vodafone was always instant but it's like BT hangs for a while before it does anything and sometimes doesn't work at all. This happens for both apps and browser. Other times it's been fine and speed tests have registered about 20Mb. My signal is fine and phone is showing the 4G+ signal. The my BT app shows that I have this service on my contract also. I've tried deleting the APN and using the details from BT website but no difference. I'm using an Xiaomi Mi8 handset on Android and never had a problem like this. It's getting frustrating and can see myself cancelling my contract unless it improves which would be a shame as I'm a BT broadband customer and never had any issues before.

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Re: New customer mobile data

Hi @JWilson9 

Welcome to the Community and thanks for taking the time to post.

Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your BT Mobile, it would be best to speak to our BT Mobile help desk.

Call us

From the UK: 0800 800 150

From BT Mobile: 150

From outside the UK: +44 179 359 6931

Our repair teams are open

Monday to Friday 8am - 9pm

Saturday 8am - 8pm

Sunday 9am - 6pm



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Re: New customer mobile data

I'm not sure if it was maybe my local mast as there's no problems at my place of work. Im quite impressed with the speed I am getting.

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