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New customer, struggling with this TV box

Been a BT customer over a month now, and have a couple of issues with this BT 4K TV Box. I am connected to the Hub using ethernet, to the TV using HDMI and to the aerial using a standard m-m aerial coax. 

First, every few days the screen goes blank, and the box does not respond to remote input, even the standby button. Seemingly the only way to bring it back is to physically turn it off and on. A pain. 

Problem 2 is that quite often non of the channels work and just say the equivalent of 'no signal found'. Sometimes reseating the aerial cable works. Sometimes we have to retune all the channels. Quite often we we retune, it will not tune in the 8 or so TV aerial channels. I've swap tested the cable directly into the TV with no other changes and didn't notice any issues with the signal.

When in contrast with the Sky TV box we had for over 6 years and never had a problem with, it's quite a shame. 

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Re: New customer, struggling with this TV box

It's sounds like you have a duff box. Call BT and arrange for a replacement. 

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Re: New customer, struggling with this TV box

"8 or so TV aerial channels"??????

You should be receiving hundreds of Freeview channels. If your signal is so weak that you can only receive 8 then I'm not surprised that the box is struggling - it's putting a lot of effort into trying to lock onto a good signal. It's like a mobile phone in a poor reception area, where it'll kill the battery trying to get a signal.
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Re: New customer, struggling with this TV box

Oh yea, there's many more freeview channels. On the channel tuning bit it separates them, and there are usually 8 'TV aerial' channels, which I took to mean terrestrial bbc, itv, c4 the +1. There are then 180 or so freeview, plus 75 I've hidden 

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Re: New customer, struggling with this TV box

It looks like your aerial isn't up to much. What is it like if the aerial is connected directly into your tv and retune the tv. How many channels do you get? It may be that the aerial plug just needs sorted out.

The Youview box separates out Aerial channels and internet streaming channels when it does a retune. Most of the channels up to no. 300 are aerial channels which are also all Freeview.



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