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New email system and spam

The new email system is nowhere as good as the old one.

Many of the emails sent to me keep going into the spam box instead of the In box even though they are not spam and  from people in my address book.

I can also no longer cut and paste e-mail address from my spreadsheet into the To box when I want to send e-mails to several people

The old system worked perfectly well. As is was not broken why did you change it?

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Re: New email system and spam

In answer to your last part.

Your email was a Yahoo email account re-badged to BTYahoo. BT are no longer associated with Yahoo and therefore can not use Yahoo servers, Yahoo systems or anything associated with the Yahoo email system.

As a result BT have had to develop their own email system called BTMail and are moving all the BTYahoo email accounts onto BTMail.

This has meant that BT can not use the "old" BTYahoo system/webpage and they have had to develop their own webpage and use that. So in effect the BTYahoo system/webpage was broken and BT had to change it. 

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Re: New email system and spam

Thanks for responding.

Whilst that explains why there is a new email system it does not answer my questions regarding e-mails going into the spam box and the sending of emails to multiple addresses.

I would have expected BT to have been able to come up with a better system as a replacement for the defunct Yahoo system than the very poor one we are now having to use.

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Re: New email system and spam

My reply wasn't intended to answer you spam problem!

Perhaps this will help, because you are on a new email system and not using the old Yahoo spam filters, the new system, BTMail's spam filters have to learn what is suspected to be spam and what is not. 

When items of mail end up in the spam box, this means that the filters have no been able to determine whether or not the email is spam so rather than deleting it the email has been placed into your spam box where you can decide.

If you decide it is not spam, you should mark it as not spam and the filter will learn over a period of time not to treat the email as spam. Just because the senders email address is in your contacts does not mean that the spam filters should not treat it as spam. There could be something within the name of the email or its contents that have triggered the spam filters.

If a senders email is constantly being placed into spam you can add the email address to your "Safe Senders" list. You can find that in the settings found by clicking on your username at the top right. Once in the settings click on "Mail" then go to "Safe Senders" and add the address then click save. 

As regards copy and paste. I have checked on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox and I can copy and paste email addresses taken from an Excel spread sheet and from a Word document without problem. Which browser are you using?

If you regularly send an email to the same group of people it might be easier to set up a "Group" in your Contacts list and you can add them to an email relatively easily.

See link about using the "new" BTMail. Some of the tips may have changed slightly as there have been a few modifications made to the webpage since it was introduced.

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Re: New email system and spam

Thank you

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Re: New email system and spam

Hi @Islanderuk sorry that your emails are going to the spam folder in error.

The advice by @gg30340  is very good and if you are using webmail then mark as “not spam” this not only moves the message back to your inbox but provides a feedback loop to our spam engine to avoid false positives. Also, add to safe senders.



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Re: New email system and spam

these are all perfectly reasonable suggestions unfortunately they don't work. I've been marking the same batch of e-mails not spam for the last 3 days every hour or so. I've even tried adding some of the senders to safe senders. Equally pointless. Can't we just have an option not to use the spam folder and have these put straight into our Inbox. BTW it seems to regard BT advertising mail as spam.
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Re: New email system and spam


The new BT Email system is very poor for me. I am faced with deciding which alternative email service to move to. Yahoo worked fine. I cannot believe that proper testing of the change would not have discovered this problem.

Like many others I have the problem that much of my valid email is going into SPAM and marking as NOT SPAM or adding to SAFE SENDERS is not solving the problem.

Is this partly because I have a personal domain and I use that for my email address? The domain manager automatically forwards those emails to my BT email address. I have added my personal domain and my domain based email address as SAFE SENDER- but still get many, but not all, of my emails to that address sent to Spam.

Giving me control of whether and how the SPAM filters are applied to my account would help a lot!

By the way - my verification email to join the community went to Spam!!

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Re: New email system and spam

I could not agree with you more. For a massive  company like BT to come up with an e-mail system like this is beyond a joke.

They obviously got caught on the hop by Yahoo and have cobbled together something very quickly that is not fit for purpose.

I very much hope they release a better system soon or I will be moving elsewhere.

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Re: New email system and spam

Oh by the way, the e-mail from the BT Community Forum went into my spam folder. 🤔

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