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New home - new telephone & broadband installation saga

I ordered a new telephone line and braodband on 10th April and I was told that the first available appointment for the engineer to come and install the line is on 8th May but will contact me if they manage to sort out an earlier appointment.  I called BT two days before and they confirmed the appointment.  I took a day off on 8th May to wait for the engineer but no one turned up.  When I called BT they told me that my appointment was cancelled as there are problems with the line.  BT did not even have the decency to inform me not even when I called to confirm appointment, two days before.  They then promsied me that I will have the line installed by end of the following week but to this day no line and no information from BT.  The latest excuse is that they are waiting for a report back from Open Reach followed by awaiting installation of new telephone line. 

Two weeks ago I was told Open Reach did all the external work and that as soon as they recieve their report they will setup an appointment for the engineer to connect the line.  Last week I was told that I have an apoointment for the engineer to setup the line on 3rd June but when I called today I was told that they are still installing new telephone lines and awaiting progress from Open Reach and cannot give me a date but will update me in two days time.

Everytime I call  BT, I keep getting different reasons and promised that I will get a proper update two days later but never do. To add insult to injury everytime I ask to speak to the manager they tell me the manager cannot speak to me right now but will request a call-back but they never do.  I then get a text message saying that we could not get hold of you and that they will give me an update two days later.  My mobile phone is constantly in my pocket and I never get a missed call but they keep insisting that they tried calling me.

I desperatly need a telephone and internet connection but I cannot seem to get a straight answer of what exactly si going on and when I will have a telephone line iinstalled.

In the meantime my mobile bill is sky high and all I can get from BT is "I'm sorry and we will update you in two days time as they are waiting for Open Reach".

As a customer I expect to be kept informed by telephone not just by a lousy text message, I expect a date of installation and I do not expect to hear the excuse of "awaiting from Open Reach".  Open Reach is BT's supplier and it's up to BT to manage their supplier and expect a prompt and efficient service.  As a customer I expect BT to treat me with respect and if they cannot deliver what they promised then I expect them to provide an alternative solution and not spend months without telephone and internet. 



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Re: New home - new telephone & broadband installation saga

Hi Ruth-Sherfield_Park,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community forum!


I'm sorry for the delay connecting the service at your new house.  Is it a new build property by any chance?  These type of installations can take a bit longer than a standard provision depending on the extent of the work needed on the network.


The main thing we need to sort out here first and foremost is the communication.  I'm sorry that you have spoken with so many people all of whom haven't been able to give you a straight answer.


We'll pick this up and give you a hand from here until you're connected.  Click on my username and under the "about me" section you'll see the link to get in touch with us.  If you could also include the link to this thread when you complete the form that would be great!


Thanks a million,





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Re: New home - new telephone & broadband installation saga

Thanks for your response Rob.


Yes it is a new built but the builder confirmed that alll external work was done and sent a report to BT some time ago.  Furthermore the new built houses 200 metres away from me, who moved in a few weeks before me, all have telephone and internet connection.


When I placed the order I did explain that this is a new built and that builder has done all external works and no-one mentioned that there might be a possibility that new lines will be required to be installed.  They proceeded to setup the appointment and then do not turn up and do not even inform me.  Initially they blamed the builder and I was asked to request an email from the builder to confirm all external works has been done which I did.  Then I was told that there is a fault and once the fault is fixed by an external contract, they will have to wait for Open Reach to visit the site to confirm all work was done.  The next thing I was told Open Reach need to install new lines and then I was told the lines are installed but today I was told that the lines are not installed.


I have sent an email as instructed in your post and included a link to this thread.





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Re: New home - new telephone & broadband installation saga

Just as a heads up I’ve been waiting for 8 month for a phone line to be installed in my new build property and I’m still no closer now.

I wish you all the luck in the world (You’ll need it)

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