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New install issues

After deciding to move from Virgin to BT we were given a install date of the 29th Jan between 8am-1pm. By 5.30pm it was obvious this wasn't going to happen. Phoned BT customer services and eventually got put through but the service agent cut us off after 2 minutes followed by one and half hours of music until we gave up. We then left a complaint through the BT app which we have not yet recieved a response( surprise surprise). We then re-arranged a second install date through the app and again a no show. My wife is currently working at home for the NHS and is reliant on our broadband. Our current provider is about to end our contract and although we have arranged yet another install date we are not hopeful and feel we will have no option but to cancel BT and re activate our Virgin contract. We can not believe how poor BT have been over this install especially their customer services who I'm sure someone will blame on the pandemic but to be honest technology has shown us that something like the service industry can perform more than adequately with staff working from home and my wife is a testament to that fact. Simply leaving all communication to automated systems simply frustrate customers. I'm afraid BT are making Virgin media look extremely professional.

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Re: New install issues

Steve-Tracey B.  Welcome to the forum and thank you for posting.

I have to say that my experience in the past 36 hours has been completely different! 

To bring my 90 year internet proficient mum back to BT after many years of going with "cheaper providers" went like clockwork!  I checked out what was available online and then made the call to the Options Team (0800 800 030).  Call answered within a few minutes by a very helpful lad in Glasgow.  Explained the situation and he immediately grasped what we wanted for both broadband and landline (my mum loves her landline).   Negotiated a good deal for both and it is now all set up for a transfer of service on 15.02.21. 

Okay, I'll be even happier once I see the transfer go ahead but I have to say that the whole process was very simple, straightforward and dealt with very professionally.





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Re: New install issues

Honestly @RIC9380 the staff I have dealt with are often very helpful but what let’s them down is the systems and/or processes. Really hope the transfer goes well but all I can recommend is keep an eye on your dates in the order tracking.

Like @Steve-TraceyB   my switch to BT has not been good; old service cut off before my fibre to the home was ready. Dates were moved around a lot but I should have picked up on the original dates when they said they were transferring my landline on 13th Jan and my install is 27th, that was code for we’ll cut your broadband off for a week. I’m still without the broadband I had or the broadband I ordered...

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Re: New install issues

Hi @Steve-TraceyB and welcome to the community.

I'm really sorry there has been delays in getting you connected. I'll be happy to take a look at this for you. I'll drop you a private message now so you can get in touch.



Are you still waiting to be connected?



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Re: New install issues

@DavidM  Our Full Fibre is expected to be 3rd March (in this order the dates were 27th January, 5th July, 25th March, 3rd March). We've been given free copper broadband but it just doesn't support our work needs, 4G mini hub gives us better speed but is less reliable so our core work systems like VPN & Virtual Desktop are not stable. We were told we could get FTTC back (which we had with EE ~45Mb down) sometime after the copper was in which we'd have to pay for and I've long said to any staff: I'd rather still pay for my broadband to get the service I need & had that we lost and the Full Fibre we'll cross the bridge when we come to it, eventually! However, we've been told the FTTC ordering of this is complex via a text message and scheduled calls just keeps being pushed further out; one scheduled call on our complaint has been missed and a further one was pushed from 1st Feb to 9th Feb.

At this point, if we get a further FTTP date push out with limited/no traction on a temporary FTTC then I don't think I'll have much choice but to cancel FTTP, get an FTTC ordered standalone with BT or another provider, whatever is quickest. If the offer on FTTP is still on then submit one and start from scratch...

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Re: New install issues

Had the same problem as Steve - ordered FTTP on 15th Dec with install date of 4th Feb.  Had numerous notifications to advise install going ahead, and router was also sent out.  Install was cancelled on Monday.  Current plusnet contract was also ending of 4th of Feb, and as we were moving from copper to fibre,  our connection was actually being switched off. 

Customer services advised that as long as you have internet, the engineer won't attend.  Tried to explain that I wouldn't have internet on Thurs - no answer to this.

Asked what I could do, only option from BT was to rebook the engineer for late March / April - silence when I asked about my  internet being switched off.

The only option I thought I had was to cancel my order and re-contract with my existing supplier.

I've now found out that all I needed to do was advise my existing supplier that I wanted to push the "transfer / cease date" back by a couple of months - but too l ate now as the deal I signed up to is no longer available, and I have signed a new contract with my old supplier to ensure I wouldn't get switched off.

I've raised a complaint to see if this can be sorted out, but no response.

Also had an email to say if I don't return the router I'll be charged £50 -


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Re: New install issues

Thanks for the reply @thomasglazebrook.

I can appreciate how annoying this is for you. The only thing we can do is wait for the next installation date and if that slips you would need to contact the FTTP guys on 0800 587 4787.



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Re: New install issues

This is what I feared, the current order process for FTTP is clearly not very robust. This needs to be looked at with urgency by BT.

The times we are living in now, where by work from home is a must if your job allows, this is totally unacceptable for BT to be cutting people off.
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Re: New install issues

Its no surprise that others are having the same issues and I'm guessing there are far more out there who are not on this forum. By chance I have since spoken to a sub contract BT installer who says that he would normally have 5 jobs in a day on his job sheet and that day he had 12 which obviously he couldn't complete. BT are obviously overstretched which is understandable but be more honest and realistic with your information. As thomasglazebrook points out many people are now working from home and will probably continue to do so. My wife depends on the broadband as a purchaser for the NHS and is understandably worried about whether she will have any internet connection especially now we are in the 30 day Virgin cancellation period. Maybe all the BT customer service agents are also working from home and like us waiting for a BT engineer to install.
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Re: New install issues

Of course, its worth remembering that its Openreach who do the FTTP installs that BT use which is a 'separate' company.
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