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New line at a new build



On the 18/2/14 I ordered a new line and bb package to my new build property. My current Infinity 2 services were terminated on the 28/2/14 and I was given the standard 4 week wait to be connected back up again but on standard ADSL broadband as Infinity didn’t come up on the system yet (which it now does btw).


Everything was setup for the 27th March, I took the day off as holiday and no engineer turned up even though I was sent numerous txts and emails saying they would. No one contacted me and I got no explanation why this occurred. I rang up the next day and was told about some Openreach work that hadn’t been completed. Another update today and its now scheduled for completion on the 15/16th April so I assume I might be able to reschedule then if its completed.


That will mean 8 weeks without a phone line or bb yet I am continually charged (like I’m still living at my old address) for services I can not use at all. On the 3/3/14 a full payment was made, then on the 21/3/14 another which had discounts for line rental (I make an annual payment) which came out in £1.98 credit, but the breakdown of the bill has a charge for £25 for Infinity 2 to begin with which I don’t even have. I would of thought that as I have no services what so ever I should only be given credit each month for the line rental I have already paid for.


If possible could some one please check my order as I would like a refund for what I cannot use and terminate any further payments until my services have been installed (which could be anyone’s guess knowing Openreach timescales). I have no use of BT WIFI or BT Sport and as nothing is within my range.





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Re: New line at a new build


I am sorry to see you are having problems

I suggest you contact live chat at this link they should be able to help you
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