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New line installation "Good news! You can pick an earlier installation date"

Excuse me for being cynical, but could this be the sign of they know something more than I do?

So I'm a new landline and broadband customer who has moved into a flat which apparently needs installation of a landline (has previously had one but long time ago).

Now I initially had to take an hour package with origin broadband who use openreach for their installations.... the start date they was giving me was 6-8 weeks away so after a while I looked around (bored waiting) and was surprised to see BT using openreach also able to offer me a much sooner installation...

I called Origin to see if they could make mine any quicker and they said no so after confirming twice with web chat that the dates BT had given me were correct I cancelled with origin and booked BT. Now when I cancelled Origin they said "they use openreach too, they will get you to sign the dotted line and then delay your installation".

True to Origins word, this is what BT did.

When I booked my installation straight away it was delayed till 28/06/17, then I received a call delaying it even further... mid July.... I then received an online pop up saying "good news... you can pick an earlier installation date" and picked 30/06/17...

I'm now receiving a pop up saying "good news! You can pick an earlier installation date.." and the "earlier appointments from" section shows a date which is AFTER my installation and activation date....

Is this a glitch if MyBT or do you think BT knows of a further delay which I don't yet?
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Re: New line installation "Good news! You can pick an earlier installation date"

@ThisIsntOM Thanks for posting and welcome to the community forum, I'm really sorry your connection has been delayed. The issue with MyBT offering you an earlier visit sounds like a system problem but it would do no harm to get in touch with the Order team on this chat link to see if they can bring the appointment date forward.

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