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New master cocket installed but not working


We recently moved into a new home (new build) which has a Master Socket installed, but when I pick up the phone there is no dial tone and nothing happens if you try to call a number (tested on mobile number)

I'm presuming the line has not been activated/connected/registered (whatever the term is) and I will need to get that done before we can sign up to a package.

My question is, who can do this? Because neither BT nor TalkTalk can find us in their 'database' when they ask for the postcode, probably due to the line not being activated/connected/registered.


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Re: New master cocket installed but not working

you need to select your ISP and then place order for phone line and then your address will be added to openreach database

if new build do you have FTTP installed - ONT on the wall maybe in cupboard?

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