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New package Halo 2 included

Although I didn't intend it, I appear to have been given Halo 2 with my new package at less than my current deal.. I'm not totally sure I wanted it but we shall see. I'm very curious, however, regarding the 'Halo Price Promise'. This would seem to suggest that, in 24 months time, not only will my Broadband cost remain the same ( except for  annual inflation rises) but I will not pay more than a new customer. Call me a cynic but I am highly dubious about this ' promise'.

Is my understanding correct, that I can look forward to a likely  big reduction in 24 months time as I take advantage of offers to new customers?!

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Re: New package Halo 2 included

It would appear so. Doesn't just apply to Halo 2 though.

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Re: New package Halo 2 included

I expect this will turn out to be a 'smoke and mirrors ' exercise but I shall keep a note ready for the excuses in 24 months. I guess they will probably make it impossible to precisely replicate the offers to new customers.
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