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New package doesn't seem to have been activated

Hi, I recently signed up to BT Infinity with Entertainment Plus package. Activation date was supposed to be 8 July. New hardware arrived and I installed it all ok, HomeHub5 and BTYouView box, Ethernet cable from hub to socket, Ethernet cable from hub to YouView box. However, no new channels appeared and when I ran the broadband checker on the tv it said my broadband speed wasn't fast enough for HD! After thinking I'd done something wrong, days of trying resetting and restarting, unplugging etc. I finally phoned BT on 21 July, and after lots of useless information I managed to get them to take on board my suggestion that my new package may not have activated! - after much waiting they confirmed this was the case! They then said that it would be activated within 24 hours. This was not done. Then I went away for 3 weeks. On my return there are still problems. New channels appear in the guide list but are not accessible., including BT Sport. Broadband checker via the TV still says broadband speed not enough for HD (though we can watch freebies HD channels). I've paid for this service since 8 July, it's now 17 August and I'm now still not getting what I've paid for. Please help - is there a useful phone number for someone who can actually sort this out at BT? Thanks for any suggestions!
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