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New phone line from pole in street


I would like to get a new phone line installed to my house from the pole. Main reason for this is so I can get faster internet speeds.

I have added a photo which will hopefully help to explain how things are.

The pole on the left side of the photo is the one that is currently being used and is at the end of the line coming from a cabinet which is over half a mile away, maximum internet speeds I get is between 35Mb & 40Mb down and 6.5Mb up.

The pole on the right side of the photo is the one I would like a new line from. I am in a semi detached house and my neighbours house is connected to this pole. The cabinet is about 0.15 miles away. My neighbours are getting speeds of between 70Mb & 80Mb. 

Is this something that BT / Openreach will do?

What would this cost?

If it is something that can be done, how would I order it?


Photo showing phone poles in streetPhoto showing phone poles in street

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Re: New phone line from pole in street

OMG that must be incredibly would drive me absolutely nuts. I feel bad for you.

I would assume BT would do anything that technically is possible if they get paid for it, especially since they already have a line from the proposed pole to the same physical building as you live in.

This is something that I believe will be a thing of the past once the government's plans of 'Full Fibre' for all is completed.....probably 7 to 10 years from now though.

Good luck.

Full-fibre broadband in the UK 

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Re: New phone line from pole in street

Lol, yeah it is frustrating! Faster internet is almost within reach! I have even bought a 4G router and tried every mobile network and found Vodafone to be the fastest so I’m using that and getting around 45Mb but it’s not consistent and not as good for gaming due to higher latency.

The house next door even has two lines going to it from this pole because they had a second line installed for business.

Thanks for the good luck, I’m hoping it’s something BT will do, just don’t know how to get the ball rolling...
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Re: New phone line from pole in street

Hopefully one of the more experienced users of this forum will be able to offer some advice,

but I guess calling BT's order line and asking them would be a good place to start.😀

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Re: New phone line from pole in street


That is not going to happen, as Openreach determine the routing, and will not make any changes to it, unless there is a physical fault on the line, where you cannot get dial tone on your phone.

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Re: New phone line from pole in street

Ah, well that’s slightly depressing...
Technically Openreach wouldn’t be making any ‘changes’ to the routing because the current line would be staying in place and not touched, just a brand new separate line installed...

Thanks for the reply though.
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Re: New phone line from pole in street

if you decided on a second line then openreach would just use 2 of the wires in the existing cable from the same pole - not going to help sorry

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Re: New phone line from pole in street

How about if I ordered enough additional lines to use up all of the pairs of cables in the existing cable from the pole, then order another new line, would Openreach then install a new cable from the other pole thats on the right side of the picture?
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Re: New phone line from pole in street

Depends how many spares there are on that pole. How many lines would Openreach install to a residential address?

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Re: New phone line from pole in street

You must have deep pockets if you are wanting to pay for phone lines that you are not going to use and no, Openreach would go to the nearest pole if they had to run another line!

Openreach will not make changes that you are trying to manipulate to get higher broadband speeds. 

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