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New phone line

Well if only getting a new working phone line was as easy as signing up to this forum! I signed up for a new phone line and broadband package on January 21st. The line was scheduled to be installed on February 11th, I expected to be connected shortly afterwards.


The engineer duly installed the line and I waited and waited. In fact I'm still waiting! The only communication I received from BT was a text on Feb 13th saying they would contact me on March 6th to discuss the delay in the activation of my services as line plant work is not completed. Another three weeks!


Numerous phone calls to the BT helpline tell me that an engineer will be with me the following day. I'm still waiting!


While this is a new phone line the connection was made from a BT box on my landlord's property. His phone line is working.


To say I'm angry would be putting it mildly, I'm furious. I signed up with BT as I've always considered them the best, is it time to think again?




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Re: New phone line

if it is new line plant that is needed to supply you service then unfortunately all you can do is wait i am afraid the network is supplied and maintained by Openreach on behalf of all service providers due to ofcom rules BT get no preferential service the fact your landlords line works has no effect on the amount of available line plant this will also affect others waiting for lines in your area no other provider can supply it faster as they all use the Openreach network
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