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Re: New router - BT Smart Hub

Yeh, (sorry to hijack the conversation) I read that one too.  Apparently, according to the most recent of a long line of engineers, I was in the wrong cabinet at the exchange and that was what has been causing my long term issues (like 5 or more years long term).  Apparently I am in Marconi when I need t be in Fujitsu but I don't understand how my wires got crossed back.  Just after I first ordered BB there had been a cease ordered on my line to put me in the right cabinet after which it worked beautifully up until some idiot trying to steal the underground cable.  Without another cease having been ordered I can't work how I got swapped back but when they got us up and running it had gone back to being naff and has been ever since.

Although my local town was part of the experiment in rolling out broadband, way back when, I am not sure just how 'modernised' my own rural exchange might now be (they never even put in 21CN - although there is now FTTC for the lucky few).

Thanks for the response.

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