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New sky viewing card no accepted for BT Sport


i have recently got a new sky viewing card as the sky account is now in my wifes name. when i tried to update the sky viewing card number i get the following

Sorry, we can't provide BT Sport on this card. Please try a different card or click 'Cancel' to exit this journey.

there is  nothing wrong with the sky viewing card as all my other sky channels work apart from yours. the other worrying thing is that when i go to look at my old sky viewing card  on your website it isnt the same as my old viewing card number!!!!!

i have been on the phone 3-4 times with Sky and BT and everytime i speak to someone at BT over the phone i get a different story so instead of being lied to i would just like to access BT sport on my sky box seeing as i am paying for it.


would appreciate it if someone could help me and also hopefully tell me the truth

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Re: New sky viewing card no accepted for BT Sport

@Wims2484 Please use the 'click here to contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details and we'll be happy to help. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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Re: New sky viewing card no accepted for BT Sport

Obviously as the BT Mod has offered an invite to contact them to sort this out , you should be on your way to getting what you want, but it seems to me quite obvious the problem and the solution.

If you had Sky Tv in your name with BT Sport added,  (from BT not Sky) and you in effect have cancelled your Sky account (and viewing card) obviously BT Sport  won't work as your Sky card is switched off,  your wife now has a Sky account and card  ( presumably Sky needed to issue a new viewing card to accomplish this) you have a BT Sport 'account' on a Sky card that is no longer valid  and need BT Sport added onto a valid Sky viewing card ( the one in your wife's name)....TBH , if you have just advised BT of this change  how  could you expect BT to know, and if you arranged this with Sky , perhaps Sky should have told you what to do to ensure you didn't lose BT Sport in the changeover period.

You will probably have to cancel your BT Sport account with BT, and your wife will have to ask BT to add BT Sport  to her Sky 'card' ...if you are paying for BT Sport as a standalone product  that should be OK, apart from the fact that there may have to be a notice period to serve, but if 'your' BT Sport was free or reduced as part of having some other BT product, then the mis match between presumably your name on the BT account and her name on the Sky account could cause problems, if you want it to continue to be free or cheaper.

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Re: New sky viewing card no accepted for BT Sport

i think @iniltous is correct  you have a mismatch with BT in your name and sky in your wife's name.  just have to see if that is acceptable and mods can do anything to help

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