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New to BT Fon and Openzone and have a few queries

Hello all and a Happy New Year.


I have just had Infinity installed and so have access to BT Fon and Openzone


It's my understanding that as long as I am a memeber of BT Fon and therefore allow others to access the internet via FON on my Hub that I get access to both FON and BT Openzone? Kind of like a trade?


Do I use the same username and password that I use for btinternet email to access FON and openzone? or is it someother combination of password / username that appears on my Hub?



When I am out and about does it matter what I opt to join (FON or Openzone) should they both be available - would it be quicker with Openzone?


One thing I can't understand is that a BT Fon network shows as an available network within range of my computer but so does a BT Openzone network - I live in a residential area no where near any shops or business.. I thought that BT openzone was only in areas of coffee shops, businesses like hotels etc . Am I wrong?


Many thanks




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Re: New to BT Fon and Openzone and have a few queries

All the information you need is here. BT FON and Openzone are similar and use the same login details. BT Home hubs transmit both of these signals.

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