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Re: New to BTFon: activation


@MikeWalton wrote:

Thanks DS. I'm still stuck. Yes - it is ired with ethernet cable. I have never reset my hub. I've had this hub for around 5 years. Never received any upgrade or replacement.


If you were to recontract, there's every chance if you kindly asked for a Version 2 Hub, BT would send out FOC. Many (as AQ) do continue to use their trusty V1.


I have tried to access the Hub Manager as you suggest by typing http://bthomehub.home/ into my IE session but I just get the follwoing error message :"Oops! Internet Explorer could not find bthomehub.home".


Try instead. Any joy?


Internet via wired connection is fine and my iPhone is still connecting fine through my primary BTHomeHub-#### wifi connection as well. Despite BTFon apparently being opted-into (accoring to both the BTFon website and my iPhone BTFon application) I am not seeing any BTHomehub2-****(unique SSID) as a secondary WiFi network.


EDIT your post when you can (look for options and edit is in there) to remove your unique SSID.

Also, oops, the BTHomehub2 refers to the Version 2 Hub which I wrongly assumed you were using. Therefore you won't see this on your hub.


Can you see BTFon and/or BTopenzone on your iPhone?


All very odd as a) seems I can't 'see' my hub via IE (or indeed Chrome, Safari or Firefox!) in order to access the hub manager and b) despite BTFon stating i am opted-in - there is no secondary BTFon WiFi conncetion.


Have you tried power cycling the hub to see if BTFon appears? - Simply unplug it from the mains, wait around 10 seconds and then plug it back in again.


Maybe  need to call BT customer support 9...fear and dread in my mind as i write that!  😉  )  Cheers  Mike


Also this is copied directly from the BTFon FAQ page - as this may assist you with connecting to a Wifi network when you're on the go.


If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch and you want to connect to the Internet through BT Fon, follow the instructions below:

  1. Within the Settings->Wi-Fi Networks menu on your device, choose BTOpenzone (or BTFON ).
  2. When the device has associated with the BTOpenzone / BTFON SSID, click the arrow next to the BTOpenzone entry. This shows the detailed settings for the connection.
  3. Select the DNS section of the details shown. The DNS section will list 3 IP addresses "10.xx.xx.xx,,"
  4. Scroll back through the list by dragging finger across the screen and then delete the initial 10.xx.xx.xx address.
  5. Check the DNS section entry is set to "," (There should be no space at the beginning of the entry)
  6. Return to the main screen and enter the Safari browser. Navigating to any Internet URL will redirect to the BT FON landing page. Follow the instructions to log in and connect to the Internet.



You can also double click on the hub manager icon on your desktop (if you used the BT hub CD). Under the services menu and Wi-Fi community you will see either a green tick or a red cross. If there is a green tick you are a member of the BT FON Wi-Fi community.

Opted-In or Opted-out




Sorry for the length of the reply.


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Re: New to BTFon: activation

Dear Mr Quartermain, I see you say you are a HTC HD2 user...I have just upgraded to Infinity with a HH3, and cannot get my HD2 to show web pages, or pick up emails. All other kit works wirelessly, and the HTC shows up as connected!

What settings do I need to change on my HD2? The helpline and forums have been unhelpful so far!


Thanks anyone

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Re: New to BTFon: activation

Hi There Bumpaman, this post goes back to September last year so I would suggest that you start a new one to get the answer you want. Pat
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Re: New to BTFon: activation

OK, I will do that. Still no nearer a solution.
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Re: New to BTFon: activation

Hi ,AllanQuartermain, You advised someone to rejoin BTFon if they ever reset their hub. Does this mean that if I switch off my hub when I go away (as I do), I will not be able to use the hot spots? I have been unsuccessful for years and gave up and bought a dongle. I have recently obtained a new hub and a hub phone and hoped to do better, but no joy using hot spots.
Why can't this process be more simple?!

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Re: New to BTFon: activation

Hi jasmine, there is a difference "Reset" back to factory defaults, or just "switch off".


You can still use BTFON away whilst your router is switched Off.



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