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Hi there in the lounge. I signed up with bt a week ago and go live next Tuesday, the day after I move to a new home. I have been with Talktalk for a couple of years having migrated there from Tiscali. Whereas the backroom service (eg Billing, Customer Service) are worse than poor, I have had jolly good engineering support and since my local exchange was unbundled and Talktalk went in,  the speeds I have had are really good. I am on a 8Mg max service but receive anything up to 9.5 which sometimes drops to 3Mg during the evening. I am a retired psychiatric nurse and enjoy using my computer and the internet.

The reason I am joining bt is simply that Talktalk cannot offer me a service at my new home but bt can. In fact the nearest exchange to my house is a few hundred metres away in a field which I can see from my new place.


I filled in the order form on-line for the bt service but got stuck because although I know the number, which is 'live' at the new place, I am not the account holder. The bt order help line said that they could take my order on the telephone there and then but when I enqired about the "on-line only" autumn discounts etc they said they couldn't match it and it had to be on-line or via them only. I went back to the order form and changed it to a new customer and asked for a new line " free this autumn" but about 160 quid on the telephone. I followed the form all the way through and where it asked for a delivery address for the equipment I put in my present address as I would not be there to receive it at the new place until the day before the installation day. After the order was completed the acknowledgement from bt said that the stuff would be delivered on the morning of installation, when I could be present to receive it.

I called myself a twerp and 'phoned the order helpline and explained the silly position I had gotten myself into and asked that they changed the delivery address for me. I was put on hold to listen to some music (?) and a couple of minutes later the person got back and very politely I was assured that the deed had been done and that I would receive a confirmation by e-mail. Guess what? the delivery address has not changed. Luckily I am only moving a few miles and can collect the parcel from the new people in my old address but what a silly thing. They said they would, indeed had, changed the address but haven't. I followed the order process through again and it says nothing about the bits and pieces being delivered the morning of installation so anyone could do the same as me.

This is not a moan, but I would like to know where on the forums I could get an administrator from bt to read and action my problem. I am running out of time as I move on Monday and am due to go live Tuesday next week.


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