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Hi Im having a nightmare with my bt account, basically someone at bt cancelled my order the day it was activated so i had an account number for a non active account.   When my order was reinstated with an apology the next day I was given a new account number and a new phone number.  I paid my first bill no problems but now have only discovered that I have had a direct debit of £185.85 taken from my bank account for the non active account which bt cancelled.


I phoned India tonight, was cut off twice, passed around several people and told by the "boss" there they would phone me back within an hour and email me.  No one rang Im no closer to getting my money back, no one was interested in my problem and im stuck with problems with this non-active account which I was promised was sorted out.


Also I was refused the sainsburys giftcard which I had to sort out by myself again, I did get it after they said I wasnt entitled to it as I didnt order online, I did bt cancelled order and then it was reinstated by the bt person who phoned me.


I having a stressful time dealing with bt customer helplines, I just need my money back to pay bills.



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Re: Nightmare

This is a customer to customer forum and posts do not automatically get actioned by BT. You need to contact them again.


For an instant response which you can copy for future reference, try Live Chat in the morning; they are often more helpful than the telephone helpdesk. If they cannot resolve the issue to your satisfaction Contact BT Care Team; they are specialists with an excellent troubleshooting record, but may take a few days to respond as they are a busy bunch.  


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Re: Nightmare

If the money was taken from your account by Direct Debit, then the Direct Debit Guarantee applies.  If BT don't refund you promptly, you can go to your bank, tell them if was an incorrect debit, and insist that the bank refunds the money.

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Re: Nightmare

Thanks for the help, the money was refunded eventually (it took a month) but unfortunately there was no sign of compensation as promised.   Its such hard work to resolve issues with bt.

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