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Nintendo Wii's lost connection



Happy new year everyone!


I'm wondering if anyone can help? My BT infinity 2 internet seems so be working fine, connecting to several devises without a problem, but for whatever reason my nintendo wii has lost internet connection after working fine yesterday.

It has the error code 52230, which I googled and was told "there appears to be an issue with your wireless router's firewall".


I've never had a problem before, but it just can't connect. I've switched the internet on and off, I've switched off and unplugged the wii and I've also deleted the wireless profile on my wii but nothing seems to work.


I would be very greatful for any suggestions and help.


Thanks, Becca

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Re: Nintendo Wii's lost connection

Welcome to the forum and Happy New Year.

Hubs seem to have issues with UPnP along with other things, like DHCP.

You might want to try setting a static IP address in your Nintendo wii, see the user manual.  Don't have one personally.  For the Hub port forwarding see the info here:-

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Re: Nintendo Wii's lost connection

Try resetting the hub by holding down the recessed button on the back and wait until lights flash and see if that sorts it

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