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No Amazon voucher received - thoughts on BT customer service in general

So on 2nd July I ordered the 15 Gb BT Mobile SIM only plan, qualifying for a £30 Amazon voucher. I received the SIM card a couple of days later, activated it and applied for the voucher on-line. All I received was an on-screen message telling me I will receive my voucher within 45 days.


Fast forward to today, 23 August, and I have not received my voucher. After reading a few posts on here it seemed that quite a few people had been similarly affected and had either received help from mods or had used live chat. I opted for live chat.


I explained the situation to the first person I spoke to who after verifying my account details passed me on to someone else in the mobile team. I had to re-verify my details and explain the situation again. After some back and forth I was told that the voucher had not been correctly claimed and she was issuing it now. I then received an email stating that I would receive it within 30 days.


I queried why I would have to wait a further 30 days after already waiting over 45. I was told that I had not claimed the voucher correctly. I explained that I was certain I had and that it was a very simple form. I asked for copies of the information on the system that showed I had not claimed correctly. I received nothing.


I then asked what the value of the voucher I would receive was. I was told £30. I pointed out that the current offer is £60 and as there had clearly been a fault in the system causing me to wait far in excess of the 45 days originally stated I thought it would be a decent goodwill gesture to send me the £60 voucher.


I was told that this could not be done and again told I had not claimed correctly. Again I asked for evidence of this and was told that the voucher had not been issued so I must have not done it correctly.


To say that I am aggrieved at not only having to wait so long for a voucher and to find that the voucher value has since doubled and for it to be insinuated that I am not competent to complete a simple on-line form is putting it mildly.


Sadly this is indicative of BT customer service in general.


A few days prior to this I had to contact BT to query why I could not use the BT TV app on my mobile. I was told that I was not eligible, despite paying more than the Entertainment Plus package which qualifies for the BT TV app.


I then queried why I was paying more and eventually was able to switch from my existing tv package to the Entertainment Plus package, albeit having to start a new 12 month contract in the process.


The question here is, why are things like this not picked up by BT? Why when the packages and prices changed, was I not contacted and automatically moved across to the new package? I can only presume it's because BT care about money, not customers.


Going back further to a time when I was struggling with watching BT Sport on my Youview box, with errors appearing just over 4 minutes every time I tried to watch it. With absolutely nothing but the Youview box plugged into the router I was still having problems and yet BT insisted it MUST Be my home network and wanted to charge me £75 for an engineer visit.


Needless to say I declined but was still unable to use services I was paying for. After a few days the problem mysteriously went away all by itself. Clearly not a problem with my home network, almost certainly something to do with BT's network but no admittance of that fact ever materialised.


Like many people I find the BT Sport website unusable for watching BT Sport. Every few seconds it stutters to a halt before catching up and carrying on before stuttering again. This is on a connection and using equipment that handles Amazon Video, Netflix, Google Play Movies, YouTube and various other things without any problems whatsoever.


Lots of threads on the website by people having similar problems but no acknowledgement of issues by BT and certainly no fixes forthcoming.


Frankly as soon as I am able get out of my various BT contracts, I will. Which is a huge shame because I think BT have a good product but the way the treat their customers massively lets them down.

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Re: No Amazon voucher received - thoughts on BT customer service in general

On the voucher, it's a pain it didn't go through the right time - seems to happen a lot.


BUT the staff member you spoke to will not have access to any to just put in the post to you, they'll be fulfilled by an outside company on behalf of BT.  BT probably needs to sack them and get another contractor.


BUT (2nd one) the staff member also isn't going to have the authority to increase the value of the voucher. This is almost certainly linked to your original order and big firms like BT don't normally allow staff to do this sort of thing, not least to prevent fraud - i.e. staff increasing the value of offers for friends and relatives. 


On the unrelated issue of the TV plan - when the app first launched it was only available to people with the second box service and then added to new packages. 


All companies improve their packages over time, BT's no different. You would always have been free to call them up and move your TV plan to one of the new ones with the app. 

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Re: No Amazon voucher received - thoughts on BT customer service in general

hi, thoughts on customer service in general, the agents are pleasant, however they wont aknowledge that there is a problem, when i asked what was the process for making a complaint against bt mobile not the agent i must add, she told me that she would inform her manager of my request and he will call me within 24 hours, that was at 7.40am yesterday. 

I am still waiting for the manager to call, also this morning i spoke to a bt agent online using the chat facility, he apologised that no one had called  me back but said he didnt know when i will get a call from a manager.


I would describe this as very poor service, unfortunately i am tied in to bt mobile for another 9 months.


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