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No BBC channels - still!

I've just got a Youview+ box as I've just upgraded my BT package & I don't have BBC channels in HD or SD, which is the same issue as I was having with my Vision box too! I also still don't have the HD channels for ITV & Channel 4. I can get the channels when I plug my aerial in to my TV, but not from my Youview+ box! Any one else having this problem?!

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Re: No BBC channels - still!

Well all the freeview channels will be delivered by your aerial.


Depending upon which transmitter you receive your signals from there will typically be between 3 and 8 muxes for the Freeview channels each handling a specific group of channels.


So if you have low signal strenth  or interference then you may not receive the channels on one or more of the muxes.


Both your previous Bt Vision box and your current Youview box have dual tuners so whereas a TV  with a single tuner may tune into a lower strength signal. Tvs may also allow manual tuning to alternative transmitters.


Do you know which transmitter you receive your Freeview transmissions from ?


The BT Vision box would not have received the HD Freeview channels due to its tuner although BT did supply some  them via the broadband connection.  So to clarify did you not receive the BBC 1 and BBC 2 channels  in SD using your current aerial on your previous BT Vision box ?


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