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No BT Sports Internet Channels on Youview box Since upgrade from BT Vision

Hi I have been a BT Customer of BT InfinityOption 3 then Option 2 with Bt Vision with BTSport for over 2 years, and have never had issue with getting BTSport Channels until now and havent had any BTSports Internet Channels through Youview since we noticed on 21st December 2014, but could have been like that since connected on the 9th December 2014.

However since changing this BT Youview box, we've had no 475,507-511 channels. 

We have a blank screen with error message at top IPC6023. After contacting customer services I have checked wires reset Youview box, reset hub and openreach boxes. I have now, as well as engineer calling and finding absolutely no reason why we don't get the channels, had a new hub 5 delivered and it has been installed but still no BT Sport Internet Channels.

I would like to point out we can recieve BTSport through the internet via computer and laptop and mobiles, but not the Youview box.

My bill was also due and paid around the same time and not sure if my subscrition is set up correctly for Youview, as it states on bill, however Customer Services they say it is, but we've exhausted the options now.

i am now getting a little frustrated and annoyed that after 7-8 phonecalls at 20+ minutess a time to people who I have to repeat myself to over and over again. I just want the channels I subscribed to, once and for all. Please can anyone help solve this?

if it's not corrected within the next 7days I will be cancelling my whole account, as am fedup of chasing this issue.

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Re: No BT Sports Internet Channels on Youview box Since upgrade from BT Vision

Hi northernstock2004,


Welcome and thanks for posting. This doesn't sound right at all. I'll be happy to check it for you. Drop me an email with the details. You'll get the 'contact us' link in my profile.






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