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No Broadband - No Business

Ten years ago I was made redundant so used my industry experience and started my own web development business.  Ten years later we have 200+ registered users from as far afield as New Zealand and Japan.  Developing a business is tough, it has not been an 'Internet success', but rather hard graft, 7 day weeks and, on many occasions 20 hour days and responding to customers quickly and professionally - until last week that is...


Eight days ago (Friday, 7th October) our Business Broadband connection failed.  This is a particular issue for a web development business of course, and even more so since we were (stupid?) enough to use BT VoIP as part of the bundled service.  So no phone, no Internet.


After the usual call to BT we were assured that the problem would be fixed by the next morning (Saturday).  This came and went, more phone calls and a new fix date of Monday.  To cut a long sorry story short, BT committed to a number of fix points and each one passed with BT setting a new time frame.  This is where we are now, the Friday evening deadline came and went and we now have a revised 3 day working deadline of next Wednesday - apparently BT Wholesale/Openreach do not consider weekends as part of their service schedule.


It is possible, I suppose, that service will be restored on or before Wednesday, but after four such promises my expectations aren't great!


As a business, we cannot service our customers or generate any revenue.  Indeed, we have effectively been 'closed down' by this outage, I have realised some immutable facts:


  1. Our broadband service provider, BT Retail, has little or no influence over the actual service schedule delivered by BT Wholesale/Openreach.  I suspect that this would be the case for any Broadband provider that relies on Openreach for the final leg of the delivery (i.e. all of them in our area)
  2. BT Retail only seem to be able to communicate with BT Wholesale via a text-based 'chat' application.  This is slow and imprecise.
  3. BT retail are very reluctant to escalate the problem with Openreach -  this is either because they don't have an effective mechanism to do so, or there are commercial 'reasons' at play.  I suspect both.
  4. BT Retail's Customer Care is excellent.  Whilst it's frustrating to wait in a queue, they have always phoned me back (on the callback), they are always polite, professional and sympathetic to the problem.  I genuinely believe that the help desk 'do their very best'.  The problem appears to be that they are completely impotent when it comes to actually expediting the solution.  Ultimately customer care is important, but delivering the service is more so!
  5. Before anyone suggests that any business should have a tried and tested 'disaster recovery' position and that this has just been a problem that was always going to happen, I would just say this:

    - BT is the only physical provider in our area
    - 3G is slower than a 56k dial-up connection (i.e. unusable)
    - a leased line with guaranteed SLA would be £20k plus per year (way beyond our budget)

    In short, we've had little option but to rely on a single Internet provider.



So, eight days later, here I am, facing up to the the reality of losing revenue, and more seriously customers.  That's a best case scenario if service is resumed in the next few days - but who knows (certainly not BT Retail)?



I suspect there is little I can do to change our fate at this time, but hopefully this might **bleep** your conscience to review your own situation and, if you can, avoid the problems I'm now facing.





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Re: No Broadband - No Business

This is a BT residential forum, as much as I feel sorry for you, we're unable to solve your issue, it would be better placed on the business forums and I will also flag this for a moderator who may be able to speak to a collic over in BT Business.


I suppose you've tried all the normal? Trying to plug into a test socket etc.. ?


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Re: No Broadband - No Business

Hi neilski,

Give the BT Business Forum a go as Edd suggested, they'll be able to access your account and see what's going on. Unfortunately we can only deal with residential accounts.

If you have problems getting a resolution there let us know.



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Re: No Broadband - No Business

Hi as both Edd and Stephanie G have said this is a BT residential forum and you need the help of BT Business this is a link to there forum
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Re: No Broadband - No Business

Thank you all for your very helpful suggestions.  The problem has actually been identified as a component within the local exchange (type-M connector?) so, as far as I can tell, a fix is down to BT Wholsesale/Openreach.


Sorry for the mis-post, I'll cut'n'paste into the Business Forum as suggested.

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