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No Broadband



Can anyone give me a clue as to whether our loss of broadband would be a BT problem or home hub? We are in the East Midlands area and have been with BT broadband for approx 2 years.


We have contacted BT twice over the telephone. The first time they took us through the steps of resetting the hub and after an hour came to the conclusion that the problem was the pc. So after trying another two laptops with still no internet connection, we phoned again and were told it was the hub that was faulty. We could have a free one if we signed up for another contract. I get a feeling that the problem will still be there though.


We can get connection to the hub through the ethernet cable. The hub also tells us that we are connected to broadband, however, our laptop Network Sharing Center shows that there is no connection between the hub and the internet. We cannot get webpages on internet explorer (except for the home hub interface), we have also tried updating various softwares on our pc to see if they get a connection but none connect.


I have temporarily turned off the hub's firewall but still no connection. It's turned back on now. We have reset the hub from within the internet explorer hub interface browser and also reset it on the hub itself.

We have tried the connection with no other phones or devices connected to any other socket. We have also tried two different brands of micro filters.


We lost internet on 15/04/2010.


I have some readings from the hub


Current firmware Version 8.1.H.J (Type A)
Last updated 18/04/10


Connection information
Line state Connected
Connection time 0 days, 0:08:15
Downstream 6,080 Kbps
Upstream 448 Kbps

ADSL settings
VPI/VCI 0/38
Type PPPoA
Modulation ITU-T G.992.1
Latency type Interleaved
Noise margin (Down/Up) 6.7 dB / 21.0 dB
Line attenuation (Down/Up) 43.0 dB / 25.5 dB
Output power (Down/Up) 19.8 dBm / 12.2 dBm
Loss of Framing (Local) 0
Loss of Signal (Local) 0
Loss of Power (Local) 0
FEC Errors (Down/Up) 107 / 0
CRC Errors (Down/Up) 0 / 2147480000
HEC Errors (Down/Up) nil / 0
Error Seconds (Local) 0


Although I know very little about these things, it just feels that the problem is not the hub or our laptop but more the BT side.


Could anyone give us an idea what the problem may be?

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Re: No Broadband

if u find all the lights on the hub are on particularly the broadband light
then there is no problem from BT,
now the first thing u do is

open in IE, check if u are able to open the router management screen--if u get the screen
then type CMD in RUN box and try to ping the websites
if u r able to ping website then try with the ipaddress of a website
if u r able to ping with the ip address then reset the hub that should work...

If u r able to ping the website address but not able to ping the ipaddress of the website then force the DNS to will take u online

if u not able to open the Hub screen then check the ip address it should be always 192.168.1.X
if u dont find the proper Ip address
open the CMD aain and try these command
ipconfig/release and then restart the computer...

if u still not getting any proper Ip address
Open cmd again

type there ping and see if a get 4 replies there is no issue with u r ethernet port
get u r hub replaced.
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Re: No Broadband



What exchange are you on? There have been some problems with some parts of the network lately. If you are syncing with the exchange, it suggests that it may be an exchange problem - nothing you can do on your end.


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Re: No Broadband

Hello and thanks for your replies.


I can’t get to do any checks for a couple of days because it’s actually a friend’s broadband problem which I’m trying to help with.


Yes raghav, all the lights are blue on the hub. Once I get ‘round to see them I’ll try your suggestions. There are a few bits I can have a go at there and hopefully see if there are problems with the hub or the connection between the hub and laptop.


chris6273, I’ve had a check on the BT fault pages and it doesn’t appear that there are any problems at our exchange. We are in the Lincolnshire area. With the readings I gave from the hub, is it possible that the fault could be the BT exchange, or would it be more likely between the home hub and computer? Would switching off the power to the hub for 30mins or more help reset anything at the exchange?


If we reset the hub and try it on someone else’s BT broadband line, I guess it would give us an idea if it is the hub causing the problem? I assume these hubs automatically detect the phone number of the different connected line, as I’ve only ever used routers where I’ve had to manually put the phone number and password in? I read a bit through the forum and noticed the term IP Profile. If we test the hub on the alternative BT line, I guess there could be a chance that this would be affected but isn’t a permanent thing?


I know there are a lot of questions but I think most of them mingle into each other.

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Re: No Broadband

Well, your exchange is not currently being affected by any VP Capacity problems (Moulton Exchange, Lincolnshire).


An IP Profile is a 'setting' which is determined by your sync rate. It is actually the throughput speed you will get, not the sync speed. The IP Profile is not the problem unless you have a very slow connection.


As far as the hub is concerned, all BT Connections are authenticated by telephone number so you don't need to enter anything.


Please could you try and plug your Home Hub into the test socket behind the faceplate of you Master Socket and post back your hub stats once it has connected? This will rule out any internal wiring issues.




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Re: No Broadband



Thanks for the extra info.


I'll try to give everything a go tomorrow.


I'm hoping the internal wiring is ok because the problem just seems to have occurred out of the blue. I will still give the master socket a try though because if I don't, I can guarantee that it will be the problem.


I'll let you know how we get on and post the readings as requested.


Thank you.

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Re: No Broadband

Well I never got chance to try your suggestions.


The new BT hub arrived midweek, was plugged in and....yeah, still no internet.


Another 2 hours with customer services on the phone, again got nowhere. They even had the laptop reset to a restore point 1 month ago but it didn’t work. Laptop and hub were rebooted a few times, still nothing and exactly the same symptoms as before, no internet.


I went to help out yesterday and try out your suggestions. I turned on the laptop, plugged in the ethernet cable and...what’s this?...we’re connected to the internet!


I did absolutely nothing.


I didn’t do any tests after that because my friends were a bit frightened they’d lose the internet again. Also, there wasn’t really time, as there was a month of updating to do. I was longing to try the old hub on there again to see if it would work.


For the internet to suddenly start working again, with no additional input from our side, suggests it was a BT problem. No devices were changed on our line (except for the hub) and it’s not like we could update any software on our laptop without the internet. The laptop had been rebooted after restoring so that was also discounted.


I just wonder if it’s the exchange not being able to identify the phone number of the broadband line. I’m sure this would still give good broadband readings on the hub but wouldn’t actually let you connect to the internet because you wouldn’t be recognised as a customer. Pretty much the same as manually inputting the wrong phone number in a router.


We are impressed that customer services attempted to help but definitely aren’t impressed with their solutions and theories that the problem was not there’s. They’ve all the time said the problem was ours. They’ve also gained a new 18 to 24 month contract which wasn’t necessary.


At least we know that no matter how hard they say it’s a fault on the customer’s side, it’s certainly not always true.


Anyway, thanks for your help raghav and chris6273. Sorry I couldn’t get to use your suggestions but they were definitely appreciated. Had I not been surprised by the sudden emergence of internet, then I’d probably be here asking you for more advice.


Thank you!

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