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No Broadband

Please I am really struggling have had no broadband for over a week. Can anyone give me any help on this br were to check my line etc on Friday no faults. No other known broadband issues in my area??
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Re: No Broadband

Welcome to this user forum.

Do you have dial tone on your phone?

Is there any noise on your phone calls? Dial 17070 and select option 2, there should be no noise between the announcements.

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Re: No Broadband

It’s all fine by engineer out checked all that on Friday. Just very odd. I got a new smart tv recently there would be any connection with that would there??
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Re: No Broadband

There is a very faint crackling between announcements??
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Re: No Broadband

@Lenny16669 wrote:
There is a very faint crackling between announcements??

The line should really be quiet.

Did the number that was read out when you dialled 17070, match your home phone number?

What colour is the light on the BT home hub?

Its unlikely to be the TV, unless it causing a lot of interference to the broadband. This could easily be proven, by turning it off, and seeing if the broadband gets better.


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Re: No Broadband

Yes it was quiet and number matched. The light is orange with red flashing broadband sign. By sent me a new hub in case it was the hun but still no success. They have organised a broadband engineer for tomorrow but would that not mean others should also be down?
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Re: No Broadband

When it was working, what speed were you getting?

I suspect its most likely a problem with the line, which does not show up on a normal BT Line test, so a visit from an Openreach broadband engineer, should resolve the issue, as they have suitable testers, and can check the broadband right back to the equipment in the exchange.

If you could please update this thread after the visit, to confirm whether the problem is resolved.



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