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No Connection - Tired of the lies

Hi BT Forum Moderators,


Hopefully someone can give me a UK number to call as I'm about to loose my cool with the Indian call centre.


We've not had an Infinity connection since wednesday. Call centre staff have confirmed the fault is an outage and that engineers are currently working on it. Although they keep saying the fault will be repaired within 4 hours / within 2 houurs / within 1 hour etc... It never is.


Yesterday evening I was told that engineers were physically working at all the local exchanges between my house and the main exchange in a neighbouring village. So I visited each withi no sign of any engineers. Why do they feed a load of BS?


I'm tyred of it. I've been a BT customer since 1997 and have had numerous problems and isasues with service over the years.


I'm at the end and will be exploring alternate providers now they are active in my area unless this is resolved within the next 12 hours. Just so tired of it and really had enough now.


Please help with someone I can talk to in the UK that can actually do something.

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Re: No Connection - Tired of the lies

This is not the way to contact the moderators, you need to fill in the web form

This forum is a customer-to-customer help forum and in order to get help you need to detail your problem.

When you say the fault is an outage, do you mean it is listed here?
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