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Re: No DSl/internet lights

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Re: No DSl/internet lights

So i tested the line with a landline i bought but no luck.

I have a dial tone, i can make and take calls and the number is correct.

Does anyone else have any ideas as im at a loss with it 😞

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Re: No DSl/internet lights

If the problem still exists with the Home Hub, report the fault.

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Re: No DSl/internet lights


Ive had the Open Reach guys out to test the line.

Everything was fine there so we hooked up the homehub again and that connected to the line with no issues.

I have performed multiple factory resets on the router, changed the firmware to and from current and old versions to try troubleshoot, looked and tinkered with so many settings im starting to see acronyms in my sleep.

Is it possible BT have nerfed the unit?  - I can test this i suppose by taking it to a friends house (Also with BT) plugging it in and seeing if it syncs up and puts out a DSL Signal, if it doesnt maybe its a faulty unit? Seems a bit of a stretch to give out after a week with zero changes on the settings.

Any other ideas or shall i just give it the boot and buy another model?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: No DSl/internet lights

Looks like the Asus died, faults have to happen some time. You may get charged for the Openreach visit if you didn't try the hub before reporting the fault as I suggested in message 13.

Asus devices allow the users to tinker with settings that shouldn't be tinkered with which are detrimental to other users (UPBO). If those settings had been changed, its possible that Openreach may have blocked your device somehow but not sure if they can or do.

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Re: No DSl/internet lights

I had left the UPBO Settings alone  as i had read about the issues this can cause other users.

I will test the unit with a friends line and see what occurs but it looks like im going to be in the market for a new unit!

Does anyone have any suggestions? I really enjoyed the features of the AC68u, Qos settings, guest networks ect.

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Re: No DSl/internet lights

Silly question time,  when you connected the HH successfully did you use the same RJ11 lead as the Asus or a different one? Might just be simply a faulty lead.

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Re: No DSl/internet lights

I’ve cone to learn there are no silly questions when networking is concerned! 

It was the same cable bud but I also used a spare to rule it out. 

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Re: No DSl/internet lights

Guess it was a long shot.

I think all you can do is try the unit at a different location to prove it one way or another.

Have a look at the TP-Link range of devices if you do decide to change, although @TimCurtis  of this parish is a keen advocate of Asus devices and may be able to offer some advice.

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Re: No DSl/internet lights

Thanks for the repy bud ill wait to see if Tim has any nuggets of wisdom before i open my wallet, again.

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