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No Data light on master Extender Flex 600

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I've had three Extender Flex 600s working perfectly for a couple of years. However, last week, the lights on the master one (i.e. the one with the wired connection to my router) started to flash randomly. So I replaced it with one of the other units, having assumed there was some fault with it.

Now, however, none of them seem to work. When I plug the ethernet cable in to the extender (from my router) and plug the extender in to the socket, the following happens:

  1. The power light comes on.
  2. Then the ethernet light.
  3. Then the data light.
  4. The ethernet light flickers for a while.
  5. About 10 to 15 seconds later, the data light goes out and doesn't come back on.

Same with all the units. If I plug the ethernet cable in to my TV instead of the extender, that works just fine. I'm also getting a good wireless signal from my router.

I've tried turning everything on and off many times, pressing the Link button for 15 seconds, etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions? It's driving me nuts I can tell you! Thanks.

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Re: No Data light on master Extender Flex 600

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Sorted! Got through to chap on the helpline number and he essentially talked me through the instruction leaflet. Felt such a dummy!
I think the important bit is that the Data light does go out a while after plugging the unit in to the wall - it only comes on steadily once it has been linked to another.
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