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No Dial Tone, Old Corded Phones Work Fine

Started experiencing issues with making/receiving calls through BT cordless phones. I have two phone lines coming into the property, each of which has a separate cordless setup (base and handsets). One of these lines has broadband. 

Today, I’ve started to experience no dial tone on either line when trying to make outgoing calls from the handsets, and constant ringing when phoning in each line from my mobile. The phones do not ring in the house when I call them from my mobile, however. One line has an older BT Freestyle 6300 setup, the other a more recent BT8500. Broadband continues to work. 

I’ve tested the master socket and made no difference to the problem. However, using a (very old!) corded phone seems to eradicate the problem - dial tone can be heard and calls made out, and phone rings when calls made in from my mobile. This is true on both lines, and out with the master test socket too. 

The final curve ball is that I then tried another old cordless setup I had lying in a cupboard, (BT.     ) , and whilst it still doesn’t give a dial tone when phoning out, it produces a ‘User Busy’ or engaged when I call from my mobile.

Initially, I was thinking that both digital cordless setups I had in use had miraculously blown at the same time, given that an older corded analogue phone doesn’t seem to give any problems in either of the lines. However, when using another cordless setup, this produced the different result of engaged line when phoning in. 

Could this be a wiring problem? Are digital phones more sensitive to any line/wiring issues than older analogue ones? BT status hasn’t shown any known issues in the area.

Any help is much appreciated! 

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Re: No Dial Tone, Old Corded Phones Work Fine

Hi @JordanMac95 sorry about the delay replying, did you get this sorted? From your testing, it doesn't appear to be an issue with the line or wiring as you've concluded a corded phone works without a problem. 

Cordless phones use a radio frequency to carry the signal between the base and handset and I am wondering if there could be something causing radio interference on the channels they are operating on?

Have you tried resetting the handset and base to factory settings to see if that helps?

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