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No Fibre Broadband AB10 area Aberdeen?

I originally took a broadband package with Sky as I got a pretty decent deal on the TV from a friend who works for them. However discovering that the broadband is actually beyond shocking I called back up to try and order fibre which they said they couldn't do and had no real reason other than it was a problem with the BT line. So I just asked them to cancel it if they couldn't provide me with a suitable reason or solution to the problem. I then contacted BT as I had spoke to them previously and they had been happy to provide fibre broadband, however now this wasn's the case. They guy I spoke to on the phone said it was to do with space in the cabbinet and it was a very rare problem (Which clearly isn't the case if you google it lol) I then asked him if BT had planned to do anything about this seeing as this isn't the middle of nowhere it's city centre Aberdeen. He then told me they where working on new cabintets but soon after like everything else so far he had no clue of any dates. He then told me I could check an open reach site on a daily basis to let me know lol.. Which barely works half the time it just times out. So the bottom line is I'm required to be locked into a contract with what can only be described as barely dial up speeds in the hope one day I may get fibre? Really BT? You can't give any time scale on how long it takes to put in these "new cabinets" or is it just case that your clawing in enough cash on you're paper cup and string services to tide you over. Then guy then went on to tell me basically it wouldn't matter if I used BT Infinity, Sky, Talk Talk, SEE they all use the same lines so they would all be as slow as each other. Cheers pal that helped me out massively!! 

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Re: No Fibre Broadband AB10 area Aberdeen?

The fibre network has nothing to do with you provider it is provided by Openreach on behalf of all providers cabinet capacity on some cabinets is have a heavier demand than others Openreach regularly upgrade the cabinets were needed and you can find more information at this site

providing new cabinets can take months due to planning road /pavement closures and suitable locations near existing cabinets

as to what the advisor told you about other providers that is perfectly correct all providers except cable operators who have their own network
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