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No Internet Connectivity when using Corporate VPN

I have a straange issue that I'm at my wit's end with.  We have Infinity 4 (FTTP) and both my wife and I can work from home by way of our employer's corporate VPN's.  Nothing untoward there, all good so far.


On my work laptop, I connect to the VPN and can still connect to external websites.


On my wife's work laptop, she connects to her (different) employer's VPN and from then until she disconnects, she cannot access websites which is problematic as she often needs to look things up on Google etc.  This suggests that the problem might be with her VPN policy or computer settings.


However, when at her parent's house (they are on TalkTalk broadband), she CAN access external websites so this suggests a networking or router problem somewhere.


I'm using an ASUS router just now but this happens when I switch back to using a BT HomeHub 5 so that rules out the Asus router.  I've disabled Smart Setup on the HH5 and the webaddresshelp functionality but can anyone suggets what migyht be wrong here?  I've had no luck with HH6's which is why I ended up upgrading from BT HH% to the Asus (RT-ACC55U)


Both laptops use a Cisco VPN client.


I have no idea what to look at next so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: No Internet Connectivity when using Corporate VPN

Possibly due to different IP subnets on BT and TT. The VPN firewall policy is allowing local connections on the TT subnet, but blocking access on the home hub subnet.


The ASUS router subnet is also fine.


Take a look at what subnet the ASUS router uses, and change the home hub subnet to match it.


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