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No Internet connection on You View

I have had You View for 2 weeks and only use it to record TV. I cannot use On Demand at all.

I have plugged in the power line Adaptors, one connected to my You View box and the other in the next room where the phone line is, connected to my hub. Both have the correct green lights showing. Not sure what else I am supposed to do. My Internet works fine on my laptop, mobile and iPad. I am the only person using the Internet so it is not being overused. I also have unlimited broadband.

Has anyone else had this problem? I'm not sure what to do next.
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Re: No Internet connection on You View

Hi Barbarabarb and welcome


Can you please disconnect the ethernet cable from the hub to the first adapter and plug you laptop in this ethernet cable.

(make sure the wireless is turned off).


Then test your connection speed using this link -


Then unplug your laptop and reconnect the adapter to the hub.


Go to your YouView box and unplug this ethernet cable, again connect your laptop and carry out another speed test.


Post both sets of results.

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Re: No Internet connection on You View

There should be 3 green lights on the plug nearest to the router and 2 on the other if not they neeed pairing

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