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No Internet for 12+hours everyday - WHAT DO I DO??

Since 5th October, my internet has been dropping out every day for a number of hours.


The lights on the Openreach remain normal (Three green lights) but on the Home Hub 3, the broadband light is solid orange. 


I have checked all the connections and they are all correctly inserted.


I have contacted BT Technical Support several times and they just tell me to reset and make sure that everything is connected which I do but it still does not work.


Since 5th October, I have had 3 engineer visits, my Home Hub 3 replaced 4 times and my phone line re-wired twice but my Internet still drops.


Whenever an engineer comes, he leaves saying it either works or he cannot do anything


I have contacted BT regarding my bill and for some reason I cannot speak to the manager for a discounted bill - The advisors don't know how to transfer me to the manager.


I have also tried to contact BT Wholesale and they won't replace the white Openreach Modem. They said they will call me in 10 minutes but after 6 hours - nothing!


The question is:


  • How do I access the internet - I am using BT FON
  • Now I have a bill to pay which I dont feel I should pay - £50 for internet I did not recieve



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Re: No Internet for 12+hours everyday - WHAT DO I DO??

Hi Mahidul,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. I’ll be happy to look into this for you. Drop me an email with the details. You’ll find the “contact us” form in the about me section of my profile.


Community ModeratorDaveM
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Re: No Internet for 12+hours everyday - WHAT DO I DO??



On Wednesday, an engineer came with a new modem. 


After testing the modem, the broadband worked for a few seconds and then cut off.


After calling up again, another engineer was booked for today.


The engineer did not arrive between 8am - 1pm so I called BT asking for the manager who sent an engineer that left after he could not fix the problem as he was not trained in going "underground". 


As of now, I am still without Broadband after having 5 engineer visits. 


The problem started on 5th October and it has nearly been a month. It used to work for a few hours a day but now it completely does not work and the Home Hub is constantly orange.


Whenever I call BT, I ask to speak to BT Wholesale but the advisor won't allow me to speak to them so how do I get an engineer from BT WHOLESALE who IS trained to go "underground" to fix the fault on my line. 


What is the problem???

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Re: No Internet for 12+hours everyday - WHAT DO I DO??

i think you need an openreach engineer not bt wholesale
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Re: No Internet for 12+hours everyday - WHAT DO I DO??

It is Openreach that supply the network not BT Wholesale
like wise Openreach do not deal with the public only service providers such as BT Retail your provider all you can do is contact contact David M who is one of the forum moderators who will take personal ownership of the problem until every thing is resolved
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Re: No Internet for 12+hours everyday - WHAT DO I DO??

Another UPDATE


I also got an email from a moderator which says:


"On a side note, I can see that the first engineer determined the ethernet cable you were using between your Openreach modem downstairs and the Homehub upstairs to be faulty. Have you changed this for a new one yet? Please advise as I'll need to know this before booking another appointment."


This is wrong information as my openreach modem and my home hub is in the same place not "upstairs or downstairs".


Also, what the engineer should have wrote in his notes, is that he left the house with the broadband NOT WORKING, He gave us a home hub which gave redirected to this page I fixed this by resetting the home hub after which the broadband had been fixed however soon cut off. 



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Re: No Internet for 12+hours everyday - WHAT DO I DO??

then i suggest you re contact the mod team with the information you have just posted
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Re: No Internet for 12+hours everyday - WHAT DO I DO??

Have you replaced the cable?

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Re: No Internet for 12+hours everyday - WHAT DO I DO??

Of course!


The following has been replaced:


BT Home Hub

Openreach Modem 

DSL Cable (Master socket to Openreach Modem)

Ethernet Cable (Openreach Modem to BT Home Hub)

BT Home Hub Power Cable

Openreach Modem Power Cable

Ethernet Cable (BT Home Hub to my computer)

Master Socket vDSL Bracket

Terminal Box (Master Socket to where phone line enters house)


Telephone (Cordless to corded phone)


Openreach Model and BT Home Hub Position (Reduce overheating)

Plug socket




The only thing that has not been replaced is the phone line


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Re: No Internet for 12+hours everyday - WHAT DO I DO??

then as i suggested re contact the mod team they are the best way to get this problem solved
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