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No Internet or Phone

Hi there, I've tried searching the forums but due to only having phone 3G, it's kind of awkward.

I decided to change my service from Virgin to BT after my previous house mate cancelled the Internet when he left. I've now got the router and also had the engineer supposedly turn up to do something to change the line to BT.

I've had the confirmation email through saying my Internet and phone line is fully up and running. With that, I plugged in my infinity hub 5 router and attached to DSL port with a broadband splitter for the phone. The hub now flashes orange with a red broadband light, there is no phone service at all and I'm a little stumped. There are two phone lines here in separate wall mounts that are next to each other, one has a BT symbol on it and one has Virgin, I've tried both to be sure and also checked the wiring entering the wall plugs.

Has anyone got any advice? I'm not around during the day to have someone round to check it and don't have the time to phone them in their open times. I was aware it may take a while for the connection to come through but it's been more than a day now. Took 3 weeks for an 'engineer' to come swap the line over too. Checked the local area, no BT problems so not sure what it could be.

Thanks for any response.
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Re: No Internet or Phone

The fault line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  0800 800 151 or 0330 123 4151 if it's cheaper from a mobile.

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