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No LOve2Shop Voucher, Who To Complain To?

After the recent price rise announcment I decided to leave BT. When I phoned up I was put through to retentions who made me an offer. When I told them the rival company offer was still better they added £100 of Love2Shop vouchers into the deal. This made BT more attractive so I agreed to stay.


I received an email with the order number of the vouchers and it said they would be with me within 28 days but they have not arrived. I raised a complaint on the online form but this has not been answered. I then tried to get some info on Twitter but they only gave me a link to the claim form which I do not need as the person on the phone had already done this.


I have complained to Warren Buckley's office in the past and been dealt with well, is this still the best way to go if unhappy?




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Re: No LOve2Shop Voucher, Who To Complain To?

the only thing you can do is re contact the voucher team Warren Buckley no longer works for BT
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Re: No LOve2Shop Voucher, Who To Complain To?

I too was offered the same deal by retentions team back in july 2015. I was hoping they would've arrived by 24th August 2015..Guess what?? I'm still waiting!! when i called Retentions team on 24th August to enquire, i was told the £100 vouchers were showing on their system being offered but no one had executed the order to get them mailed. I've been told to wait for another 28 days for them to arrive. Make sure you ask for a reference number starting with vol012- xxxxxxxx so you can trace the complaint with the vouchers. I'm just hoping they should arrive by 24th Sept




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