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No Landline Calls in/out since switching to BT



I'm a new BT customer.  Switched from TalkTalk this past week. BT services were activated on Thursday, however, since switching we have not been able to make or received landline calls. Broadband is working fine (better than talktalk actually).


I've been onto BT Customer Service and we have an engineer coming tomorrow morning.


  • Unable to make outgoing calls (message ‘the number you have dialled has not been recognised, please check and try again’.
  • When I dial our landline number there just a constant ringing tone but the house phone does not ring.

I have tried all the checks they have asked me to all out internal equipment is working fine... I've also been told to try dialing 17070. 


When I dial 17070 from our landline the landline number called back is not our number.  I have tried dialling 17070 from a family members BT landline and it calls back their correct number. 

BT Customer services (Tech support) could not explain this other than 'maybe there is a failt on the testing system'.


Also, had a text from BT this morning saying they have found the fauly inside our house, which is puzzling as they've not been yet. 


Just wondering if anyone has any experience of this and advice on how to deal with the engineer tomorrow as I'm not sure if I can trust them to not blame the fault on out equipment even though I've checked and double checked it all. 


Thanks in advance for any help you can give!



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Re: No Landline Calls in/out since switching to BT

Are you getting a dial tone on your phones? If you get no dial tone, then have you connected your phone/broadband via filter to the test socket? If your problems continue in the test socket, then the problem is outside your house and you won't be charged for any engineer callouts as you will have proved that the fault is not with your internal wiring. When using test socket, all extensions should be "dead": if any extensions are still working, you have star wiring which kills broadband speeds.

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Re: No Landline Calls in/out since switching to BT

Hi, thanks for the reply. 


Yes I'm getting a dialling tone and have also tried the set up using the testing socket only.  Via the testing socket Broadband is working but still no landline calls in or out But I do have a sailing tone. 


Also, tried my handset in another house (BT line) and it's working fine.


thanks again, I'll see what the engineer does tomorrow.



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Re: No Landline Calls in/out since switching to BT

When you dial 17070 and get the 'wrong' number read back to you could indicate a couple of things, that  you have been connected in the exchange to the wrong circuit, it's possible that the Openreach frame engineer who disconnected your Talk Talk service reconnected you to the wrong 'BT'  equipment, or it could be , if you are bringing your number (porting) from Talk Talk,  that the number you have is a 'dummy' number and it will eventually be  'renumbered'  to the number you want.

If your provider has tested your line and it indicates a problem  and they  gave you the warning about possible charges, and  made an appointment for you to be in, don't worry , if you have done the usual checks, they are generally useless.

TBH if you don't get the correct number how can it be your equipment ?

If the  OR 'frame' engineer messed up, they will have to send him or her, or another frame engineer back to the exchange to rectify the problem, 

If the problem is you are waiting for a 'renumber'  from this dummy number, to the number you want, it could be that TT have not released (ported) the number to BT, they cannot provide you with that number until they do...if you have a dummy number, they are normally in  a 'stopped line' status , hence the message, 'the number you have dialed has not been recognised' and would also explain the 'ringtone no reply'  when you call your number, basically the call enters the Talk talk's network but isn't  passed onto BT to deliver to your line, because of the incompleted number port 

This seems to be a very common problem


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