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No Landline, no internet, no TV - got to wait 2 more weeks!!


No Landline, no internet, no TV


I moved to BT and got an install date of 28th March.


Took afternoon off work for installation, install kit (router and YouView box) arrived. Engineer arrived but was unable to complete installation as wires needed connecting outside and he was not qualified to do job. Next day outside engineer connected up wires outside my house, day after at the exchange, two days later phoneline (only service working) went dead.


I keep getting text messages and phone calls from call centre giving me updates, new install dates, order cancelled - please re-order? but no engineer to get me connected!


All my calls from my mobile get charged, as 0800 is premium from my phone. Have been offered BTWifi username and modem but have to stand out in street to get a signal.


Have today got an install date of 23/04/2014 - 2 weeks away!


No internet is hell with 3 kids (one taking exams), but Ive just lost my mum and having a dead phone line is terrible!!!

Why on earth have I moved to BT?


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Re: No Landline, no internet, no TV - got to wait 2 more weeks!!

the problem would have been the same with any other provider as they all use Openreach as the supplier of the network BT is just a provider like sky or talk talk


you can use this number 0330 1234 150 and the call comes out of you  mobile calling plan minutes 



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