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No Rewards Card

I placed my order via USwitch on the 11th Feb and at the time, I should be able to claim a £40 Marks and Spencer’s voucher and an £80 BT rewards card (I screen shotted the offer).

The service went live on the 3rd March but I’ve checked in the BT Rewards website and nothing in there to claim.  I’m aware the Marks and Spencer’s is claimed elsewhere and have done that already.

i checked last week and the offer I was supposed to have was still current but checking today, the M&S voucher has changed to Amazon but the £80 card is the same.  Here’s the link:

I’ve tried going through the contact us to find out about my reward card but there’s nothing specific there.  So how do I claim my card???

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Re: No Rewards Card


Did you look at the Reward Card Offer Dates - Broadband to see if there was an award on the date you placed your order?

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Re: No Rewards Card

I have screen shots of the page when I took the offer out and as I said, it’s still a current offer albeit the voucher has changed

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Re: No Rewards Card

To clarify, the rewards - broadband is for rewards for those who order direct from BT.  As I stated above and also included a link, mine was via USwitch which is part of the affiliates programme.  So even though it’s purchased through BT, it will not show on their general rewards t&cs

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Re: No Rewards Card

As I am just a customer, I cannot really help any more with this.

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