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No access to email on Mac, passwords not recognised, BT live chat technical person could not resolve

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Since 10.10am on 31 October I have received no emails to my iMac computer, and any outward mail gets stuck in Outbox.  I had an hour long live chat with technical support where we changed my password and settings on the account to no avail.  When he changed the password from the BT end and told me to log in with his new password, I could see all the emails including those that had arrived since the original problem.  He then told me to go through the process we had previously, and change the password to something of my choice which I did, but again I could see only email up to 10.10 am. 


Basically that was how it was left.  He told me I need to again follow all the steps we did earlier, and sent me the transcript (3 x A4 pages of small print).  He said what we did should have worked, so if I try again it may resolve the problem.  Of course, I tried, and it did not!


Since then I have read pages of posts regarding similar problems, and various suggestions.  One of these was saying that disconnecting iPad/iPhone Mail had helped them.  I have an iPad and I do not use the iPad for mail but in there I found loads of emails including the missing ones.  That enabled me read the emails but of course that does not cure the problem.  I certainly do not want to use the iPad for Mail.


This morning, as suggested on another forum post, I have again tried changing my password on the iMac, this time by going via MyBT, My Extras, Manage BT Mail.  That initially appeared to be working and I got to the last blue “Finish” button.  I was instructed to change iPad/iPhone mail password to the newly created one, so I did that.  Back to “Finish” but clicking on it had no effect whatsoever.  I did try logging on to Mail on the Mac but it did not work.  So I now have an iPad and iPhone, neither of which I use for Mail, both having the new Mail password, and I no longer have any idea what password the Mac has for Mail!


I have read that BT have told some people to wait and see if the email problem resolves itself.  That seems very unprofessional for a major internet provider.  Is there something that BT are not telling us?  Do they have a problem at their end and we just have to wait until it is fixed.  That would be better, as long as we knew that, but the “try this, try again” stuff doesn’t give me much confidence.


Does anyone recognise any of this and can give me some help, i.e. the answer?



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Re: No access to email on Mac, passwords not recognised, BT live chat technical person could not res

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10 minutes after I post this here, after struggling with this for two days, my email is now magically working!!

Big sigh of relief here! but I have no idea what happened to sort it. Could this be a BT problem resolving itself? A bit spooky!

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