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No activation - Please someone tell me what is going on.

This is a continuation of a long running saga from a previous post which I thought (foolishly) was resolved. I have to say before I start a small rant that the only sensible and honest info I have managed to get was via the mods on this forum. So please, if you read this, could you try and help me again.


Below is a link to my previous post to save me hours of typing:


I ordered Infinity 1, landlline and TV on the 1st April following a complete nightmare wit Talktalk which is another story.

My equipment arrived on time but then my activation date passed but the connection didn't happen. I rang the usual numbers and posted on here and was assisted by one of the mods and given another activation day of the 21st May. 

The 21st May passed with no sign of my phone being activated and when I checked my order on the website the dreaded red type was there again. Once more I rang to see what the hell was going on and was put through to the escalations team. Again they were full of apologies and said they would get the phone conneccted asap. I was at work so I didnt have time to probe what exactly asap was!! I am totally and utterly cheesed off. When I checked my account again later that evening I found out what asap was - a new activation day of the 8th June!!!! That's 10 weeks since the date of my order to get a **bleep** telephone line connected.


Will I be connected on the 8th June? Not a chance. Will someone ring me to explain why? Not a chance.

I am frustrated beyond words. The service has been nothing short of abysmal.


I am due for an engineers visit on the 29th May (Friday) to activate my broadband. Good luck to them because I haven't  

got a working line. Is it up to me to point out to them that the engineer is going to have a wasted trip? It's laughable.


Please, if any of the mods on here can give me a clue as to what is going on, what the problem is and when can I have a phone line again I would appreciate it.


Please help me - I am going bonkers with all this.








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Re: No activation - Please someone tell me what is going on.

I suggest you recontact the mod who was helping you before
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Re: No activation - Please someone tell me what is going on.

Rang up today to cancel my order. Was told it has already been cancelled!! not by me it hadn't!!!

Just about sums up my experience. goodbye and good riddance BT
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