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No aerial in rented accommodation - advice please?

Hi all,

I know this has been asked before but I think my situation is slightly different.

I signed up for BT Unlimited Infinity 2 with the Entertainment Plus package and, despite my new (not very tech-savvy) landlord telling me the property was ready for BT TV, it turns out that the property's previous occupier was with SKY and therefore had a satellite dish along with the dual f-type wires, so I can't get any Freeview channels at the moment.

I think I've got 3 main options:

- Contact BT/TSG to install an aerial in the property (which isn't mine so it's not really my place to get in touch directly)
- Buy an old SKY+ box to receive Freeview channels through the satellite dish
- Buy an indoor aerial (if so, any recommendations?)

Just wanted your advice on what you think I should do? I completely understand that it's partly my fault for not verifying that the property had an aerial before I signed up and partly the landlord's for giving me false information. My concern is that I might only be in the property for 6/12 months so I'm looking for a short term solution that solves my problem.

If it helps I'm in a ground-floor flat!

Thanks very much in advance,

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Re: No aerial in rented accommodation - advice please?



Re Sky, this solution would not enable you to record freeview channels I believe as the record function is only enabled when subscribing


Re installing an antenna, does your lease allow this, some blocks of flats don't allow them, but there is nno fixed rule to my knowledge. 


Does the flat have no communal aerial feed?, If not then possibly an outdoor aerial would be possible and would be the preferred solution if you can mount one and access the transmitter (a ground floor flat might mean you can't get to the transmitter as its on the wrong side of the building etc


Indoor aerials can work, but depends on how strong your signal is, might be a case of try and see, no idea sorry about best of these

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Re: No aerial in rented accommodation - advice please?

Thanks very much for your reply. I'm renting privately so I don't think I have any pre-existing restrictions on whether I can install an aerial. My other concern is the cost of installing an aerial (£60 with TSG) vs buying an indoor aerial for ~£10... Obviously my landlord may (fingers crossed) be willing to pay for/contribute towards the cost of the aerial installation, but for the moment I'm tempted to buy an aerial first and see how I go with that. If I've no luck there then I might just have to fork out!
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Re: No aerial in rented accommodation - advice please?

An indoor aerial might work, but only if you're in a really strong signal area.  Be aware that the YouView boxes supplied by BT need a reasonably strong signal to work reliably - more so than many TVs.


I used to live in a top floor flat, and got away with a full-size aerial attached to a shelf up near the ceiling (above head height).  But it looked really ugly!

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Re: No aerial in rented accommodation - advice please?

Thank you, Ectophile. I've just ordered an indoor aerial so I'll give it a bash and go from there!
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