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No broadband connection since "we've upgraded your local telephone exchange"

Using BT ADSL with home hub 4. Remote and rural exchange in Scotland no optical broadband available yet.

Tuesday 20 December 2016 midday broadband stopped working. Hub shows solid orange light. Can browse to router and see it is attempting to connect to internet. Did factory reset anyway - no change. Landline working fine so not a line break.

Got BT to do line test and checked master socket. They are sending BT engineer but not for 2 weeks! Then early following morning got the following email from BT (collected at work):


This is to let you know we've upgraded your local telephone exchange, so you should now have a more reliable broadband connection. Where possible, we've also increased your speed.

Your line needs time to settle down

It might take up to ten days because the network's finding the best possible speed for your line. You can help it along by leaving your BT Home Hub on and using your broadband as much as you can during this time.

What's happened to my service?

We switched off your broadband and phone services for a few minutes. These should've restarted automatically when we finished the upgrade. But if your broadband isn't working, try turning your BT Home Hub off and on again.

If you still have problems, go to or call us on 0800 111 4567 (or 0330 123 4567 from a mobile).

Looking for more?

Your line speed can be affected by electrical equipment in your home. The BT Broadband Accelerator filters out this interference to help improve your broadband speed by up to 1.5Mb. As a BT Broadband customer, you can order one free online – all you pay is the £1.30 postage (one per household). Order yours or find out more at


Libby Barr
Managing Director, Customer Care


It would seem that Libby's idea of an "upgrade" is to turn us off completely. Any ideas of things to check?

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Re: No broadband connection since "we've upgraded your local telephone exchange"

Welcome to this user forum.


I wonder if you are too far from the exchange for the upgrade to ADSL2+?


You should still be able to connect to the home hub 4 hub manager.


In order to find out what services and speed range you should be getting, please enter your phone number into this form.
Broadband availability checker

Please remember to edit out your phone number before you post the results.


ADSL2+ over a long line needs special attention to where you have the home hub connected, otherwise noise induced from extension wiring can make it difficult for the home hub to establish a connection.


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Re: No broadband connection since "we've upgraded your local telephone exchange"

See below results from broadband checker. We are approximately 200m from the local exchange so I doubt distance is an issue. Same problem with no broadband connection even when directly connected to the master socket.


Telephone Number xxxx on Exchange GAIRLOCH


ADSL Products

Downstream Line Rate(Mbps)

Upstream Line Rate(Mbps)

Downstream Range(Mbps)

Availability Date


Left in Jumper

Other Offerings


Availability Date

WBC ADSL 2+Up to 17--10 to 19.5Available--------
WBC ADSL 2+ Annex MUp to 17Up to 1.510 to 19.5Available--------
ADSL MaxUp to 7.5--6.5 to 8Available--------
Fixed Rate2 ----Available--------
ADSL Multicast------Available--------





For all ADSL and WBC Fibre to the Cabinet (VDSL or services, the stable line rate will be determined during the first 10 days of service usage.

This line is on a Market A Exchange.

Throughput/download speeds will be less than line rates and can be affected by a number of factors within and external to BT's network, Communication Providers' networks and within customer premises.

The Stop Sale date for Datastream is from 30-Jun-2012; the Formal Retirement date for Datastream is from 30-Jun-2014.

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Re: No broadband connection since "we've upgraded your local telephone exchange"

In that case I would say that the regrade has gone wrong. They normally have a team working on large migrations, often overnight.

Problems can occur with faulty equipment, incorrect frame records, or human error.


This should be fixable within the exchange, and should not need a home visit, provided you phone line is working with the correct phone number.


I will see if a moderator can get Openrech to check on the frame for broadband sync.

There may also be an issue affecting more then one customer as a result of the migration.



I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: No broadband connection since "we've upgraded your local telephone exchange"

Many thanks that makes sense. Useful to get confirmation that there is nothing obvious I may have missed.

I suspect I shall have to wait for the New Year now before anyone can get into the exchange.

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Re: No broadband connection since "we've upgraded your local telephone exchange"

Migration from normal ADSL on a DSLAM, to ADSL2+ on a 21CN MSAN, involves physically re-jumpering the circuit from one set of equipment to another. This is normally done by night working teams, and errors do occur. Sometimes frame records are wrong, other times its just human error.


It was a long time ago when I was involved with that sort of work, but from what I remember, each circuit should be tested for sync after migration, not sure if that still happens, it may be just a dial tone check.


There could of course be a fault on the MSAN node affecting lots of people, although the helpdesk should be aware of it.



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Re: No broadband connection since "we've upgraded your local telephone exchange"

Hi @gacks Sorry that you have lost your broadband connection.


We will be happy to help you with this if you send us your details. You can contact us by clicking on my user name and selecting contact the mods.


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