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No broadband, when is 6.7km greater than 7.4km?

It's really bad to hear that many people are getting such slow broadband speeds. Has anyone tried 1970's broadband? You know, where it just hasn't been invented yet, like here on Anglesey, in North Wales. We dream of a dialup connection, but as the local network is constructed from copper wires which were hand crafted by roman artisans, we hold little hope! Ok, to be fair, we did spend a year arguing over the supposed existence of a broadband connection, but then an engineer had the surprising realisation that being 6.7km from our local fibre-optic exchange, we have absolutely no chance of any sort of broadband, whatsoever! Oh well, we thought, perhaps they might upgrade the size of our overhead wires, one of these days and tried to forget the subject! Except that is, until I walked a further 700m down our country lane and found that the local nursery has a WIFI network, despite being even further from the exchange. What's this I thought, they must have their very own Internet, in the middle of middle earth, until I followed the telegraph poles back past our house. So there you have it, when is 6.7 greater than 7.4? Yes, here in middle of nowhere, two minutes from the superfast broadband served city of Bangor. Any suggestions or explanations would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: No broadband, when is 6.7km greater than 7.4km?

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Re: No broadband, when is 6.7km greater than 7.4km?

It's possible that they have paid for a fibre to be run to their premises.  Alternatively, they could be using satellite broadband.  There are even bespoke solutions, such as a point-to-point microwave link to somewhere that does get fast broadband.

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