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No chance of update

Just had a rather lengthy chat with the online chat system.


She was helpful & the only person to know anything in detail about Infinity other than the post code checker.


She said even if 1000 people register their interest @ a postcode it would not get it on the list. She said it's not about that, it's about getting as many cabinets enabled as quickly as possible (in popular areas). 


Is this true?


BT are working alongside BDUK, and are getting funds from them, so when will this money be used? I thought there's strict deadlines & criterias to meet?


So there's no chance of having my cabinet updated before December 2012? Please say it's not true, as the demand is from the whole street, not just 2 or 3. We receive < 1Mb at the moment, more like 0.01Mb (hello 5 hours for a song to download). There's 2 streets within 200-300meters which get it. These are in NO WAY more popular or in more demand. Why did this get done first? We've registered interest MANY times, but we just seem to be ignored.


I contacted my council and they said there's NO PLANNING PERMISSION ISSUES. That's 100% confirmed, and the properties WOULD benefit from this system. I've got them to contact Openreach regarding this, will this do anything?


We need our postcode done. Any way of checking when it is planned to be upgraded? It's not in 2012 list, so can a MOD check for me please?

CV23 9DD


Within the last month or 2 a sticker has appeared on the cabinet saying 93, this was not here in 2011 as far as I know. Why was this put on, anything to do with Infinity?


Thank you 

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Re: No chance of update

 Popular area = Openreach, reaching their coverage target whist maintaining profit for the BT group. Though its not Bt retail fault with deployment, they just sell the FTTC as Infinity, once its available.

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Re: No chance of update

That's not the case, they've installed on 1 straight road where looking at the properties not a SINGLE person has ordered it (can't see box for it @ front anyway).

Yet 1,375 residents need it and it's not a popular area? Same goes for the roads within 100-200meters from the exchange. If you check for wireless you can clearly see everyone's using Virgin Media. Why update single streets like this, we as a community who receive next to nothing need this!
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