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No confirmation email for new order of broadband

I placed an order on the 21st November for a broadband package and it was due to be installed 3rd December. After I completed the order, I got the page saying it had been placed and I would receive a confirmation email. However, I didn’t get an email, but I thought with it being the weekend maybe it was just delayed. I then got busy with other moving things that needed done for the day of the move in, and was happy that my internet would be installed in a couple weeks. At the start of this week, I went on to track my order using my BT ID but it isn’t loading anything on the page, and I don’t have an order number or anything as the confirmation email never came through. I have tried calling customer service about this issue all week and am constantly being put on hold. We need the broadband installed tomorrow as my partner is starting a new job working from home and cannot do that without an internet connection. What can I do to make sure we get this tomorrow?

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Re: No confirmation email for new order of broadband

Hi @Cw2211 sorry that you did not get a confirmation of your order. In that scenario either your order has failed to load or there was an error in the spelling of your email address. Has your service got connected? If not please call in and speak with our connections team who can check and place a new order if needed.



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Re: No confirmation email for new order of broadband

Hi @JohnC2, I managed to get through to someone finally on Wednesday and placed the order again. However, I asked if we would still get the broadband on Thursday 3rd which was the date I first ordered it for and he said yes but when I go online to track it it’s saying will not be dispatched until Tuesday 8th which is a bit annoying. And also I had to pay £100 over the phone before he could complete the order and am unsure when we will get that back as they said it was fully refundable. 

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Re: No confirmation email for new order of broadband

Hi @Cw2211,

I am sorry to hear that the date is different from what you were told. That should not have happened.

The deposit is usually refunded back after 6 months providing there have been no restrictions for non-payment before the deposit is refunded. If there have been any restrictions, it starts the 6 month cycle over. I am sorry that that was not explained.

At this stage, it is not likely that we could get all installed before Thursday the 10th. If you have any issues, or want to raise a complaint about your experience, please let me know.



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