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Re: No connection, BT. One very angry customer

It's not just about switching stuff on and off .....


THE biggest killer to adaptive broadband is induced noise, either on the line, or from within the home.

If you have an SNRm above target 6 or 9db... you have a noise problem, unless of course your line has margin in hand, a short line.


Look for possible sources of interference....


Power supplies.

power cables.

central heating pumps.

dimmer switches.

fluorescent lighting.

halogen lighting.

door bell power supply.


TV interference.

phone chargers.

sky boxes.

other satellite receivers.

certain types of radio transmitter.

microwave ovens.


Mains "network" adapters that use home mains wiring to extend your network can kill broadband.


Any of the above in close proximity of a broadband router can cause problems.


They all have the capability to interfere with broadband.


Things to try:

segregate cables away from router cable.

check/change your filters.

tidy your cables.

check your line with a quiet line test, dial 17070 option2 if your phone line is noisy contact BT phone services.


If your line is quiet, by plugging directly into the NTE5 test socket, behind the faceplate, will give you a direct connection to the exchange, and if after 3 days, your throughput increases, you will know that you have induced noise from within your home causing your problems.


Are you connecting to a master socket?


Do you have unused extensions and bellwire connections?


Are your extensions covered with filters?


It's all been found before.....


good luck.


If the noise is on the line its BTs to sort...if its in your home....its yours.

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